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Sell Hookah Online Or Buy Hookah Online?

By Cristiana , in Lifestyle , at November 30, 2020 Tags: ,

Were you enjoy spending time with one of your friends having bong in Canada and hookah; the taste of hookah hit you? After trying out shisha with your friend, you made your mind to buy hookah online? Yes, you can buy it, even you can sell it. You may have realized by smoking hookah with your friends; shisha is highly addictive; there are loads of flavors you can try, such as mint, cream, fruits, and the list goes on, and each hookah flavor seems to be pleasant. Why? Because hookah is highly charismatic, so you can buy or sell it proudly.

Why Sell Hookah Online?

Yes, it would be best if you vend hookah, as it’s a highly desirable product. The market for hookahs is growing. In a year, you see that hookah sales triple. What does it mean? It only means one thing that is, hookah has a considerable demand. Specifically, many online smoke shops have started selling shisha at wholesale prices to capitalize on their investments in Canada. You will find wholesale hookahs at a range of prices on the online smoke shops, depending on their quality. Most of them generate enough profits, so you should become the ‘Second Mover’ and imitate their successful strategies to sell hookahs online at wholesale prices.

Other Than Online, What Else You Can Do to Sell Hookah?

Other than opening an online hookah shop, you can open a café, a shop in the mall where people can come and smoke a hookah. You can even run your eBay or Amazon store to sell hookah. The question is: How will you get the hookah for low prices? You should either contact a supplier or manufacturer and start selling hookah to your actual and potential customers. You can reduce the cost of shisha to wholesale rates once you buy them in bulk, as you will be getting them for a low price in such a case. The more hookahs you sell, the more you win the trust of the manufacturers or sellers.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Work with the Right Partners? What Can You Do?

If you are unable to work with the right partners to buy hookah, selling hookahs will become quite an obstacle for you. So, you will end up ruining your business at the start. If any of your friends run a hookah business, you can take his/her suggestion to have a know-how about how you can run a hookah business successfully in Canada so that most customers prefer to buy hookah online from your smoke shop. Don’t think of selling bong in Canada if your hookah business fails. If your one addictive business flaws, it does not mean that you will get massive success for the other one.

How Can You Sell Hookahs Online Successfully in Canada?

You will need to consider several things if you want to sell hookah online. Those things are mentioned below:

  1. The Type: 

    There should be a variety of hookahs available in your shop. Hookahs come in various heights, including the small, middle-range, and taller sizes. If you keep different hookahs in your online shop, you will retain more customers, as different customers will be buying different kinds of hookah, contingent on their needs. For instance, a small hookah will do well for the travelers, and a large hookah will get the attention of the group of people, as such hookahs are considered party hookahs.

  1. The Price: 

    The cost of hookah is also something you need to keep in your mind to sell hookah online. You will find high-budget, moderate-budget, and low-budget customers online willing to pay different prices for their beloved smoking instrument, hookah. Typically, low-budget hookahs sell at $15.00, the middle-budget at $50.00, and the high-budget at $90.00; these are the ideal prices of hookahs to sell them at wholesale prices. Again, you will retain your customer if you keep hookahs available at your shop for the right price ranges.

  1. The Materials:

    Hookah materials are also crucial to consider so that the buyers can judge the quality of hookahs you are selling. The traditional hookah gets made with heavy materials, and modern hookahs get made with lightweight materials. So you can realize from the previous sentences that traditional hookahs are more reliable in terms of durability, and modern hookahs are more reliable in terms of costs.



After reading the above discussion: What have you decided to do? Will you buy hookah online or sell it? Whatever you do, you cannot deny the charm of hookah. We encourage you to sell hookah online if you want to make the most of your money and want to threefold it. You can also open a café other than an online smoking shop where customers can come and enjoy smoking hookah. If you’re going to sell hookah, make sure you get the right partners. When you sell hookah online, give priority to the types, materials, and costs of hookah. Lastly, if you enjoy smoking hookah, don’t forget to share our provided information with your hookah buddies.

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