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SAT Coaching in Mumbai

It is very heart-breaking to know that you can’t make up for the best universities in the world with fewer SAT scores. Several coaching aim to help you get excellent grades in your SAT exam. EduQuest is one of the highly credible coaching in Mumbai that helps test-takers to achieve outstanding SAT scores in their exam.

Before applying to any SAT coaching in Mumbai, you should ask the ex-students about their experiences in that coaching. You can also get the idea of the services by attending demo classes in coaching of Mumbai

In Mumbai, coaching are only concerned about their income and profits and they don’t care about hiring skilled staff. So it becomes very important to go through all the pros and cons of SAT coaching in Mumbai

Continue reading on to find out the information that you must know to get an idea about SAT exam, SAT Preparation, SAT Online Classes, SAT Offline Classes, SAT score if you are giving your test from Mumbai. 

Meaning of SAT

SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test which was previously known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is required to get admission to universities outside India. It comprises of multiple-choice, pencil and paper test and is conducted and organized by College Board.

To pursue undergraduate courses from foreign universities, the student must excel in those SAT subject tests. Subjects of the SAT exam include literature, history, mathematics, sciences, and foreign languages.  

Why is it necessary to give the SAT exam?

A lot of students want to pursue their undergraduate courses from foreign universities, in that tough competition, it becomes difficult to find the true deserving students. So, the SAT exam becomes the only point through which students can get into a foreign university based on their abilities.

Also, the SAT exam assesses a student’s writing, reading, and capacity to enter into colleges. It provides the college with a common niche to compare all the students with one common data point. Through the SAT exam, only those students can make up to the best universities who have incredible knowledge and those who are worthy of it. 


SAT exam doesn’t have a long list of eligibility criteria like other exams. Anyone who admires to do undergraduate courses from foreign universities can give the exam. The following things must be there in the eligibility criteria of the SAT exam: 

  • The College Board is responsible for the conduction of the SAT exam.
  • There is no minimum or maximum age limit to appear for the exam. The student only needs to pass his high school with normal grades. 
  • SAT scores are accepted by universities in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.
  • It is a necessary entrance exam to pursue undergraduate courses in the above-mentioned countries. 

Structure of the SAT exam

The SAT is a 3 hr 50 min exam including an optional easy of 50 minutes.

The exam pattern is bifurcated into five sections and the three main sections of the exam are Mathematics, Evidence-based reading, and writing. The other two sections include maths with no calculator and an optional essay. 

SAT sections comprise: 

  1. Evidence-based reading and writing. 
  2. Maths with calculator and without a calculator
  3. Essay (optional)

The number of questions in each section is: 

  1. Evidence-based reading comprises 52 standard MCQs 
  2. Writing comprises 44 standard multiple questions.
  3. Maths include58 questions and questions come from algebra, passport advanced maths, problem-solving, analyzing data. 
  4. The essay includes 1 optional question

What is SAT scoring?

The SAT scoring model is becoming more complex, providing a more detailed analysis and breakdown of students’ scores. 

The following table provides detailed information about SAT scoring and SAT range. 


Score type Score range
Composite score 400-1600
Area scores: evidence and reading based analysis 200-800
Test scores: reading and writing and maths 10-40
Essay 6-24
Cross test scores: history/ social studies score 10-40
Relevant words in context (R, W&L)

Command of evidence (R, W&L)

Expression of ideas (W&L)

Standard English convention (W&L)

Heart of algebra (M)

Passport to advanced mathematics (M)

Problem-solving & data analysis


How SAT coaching increases your final score?

If you want to crack the SAT exam with a good score then you should take coaching from the best SAT coaching (SAT Online Classes and SAT Offline Classes) in Mumbai. Every student has a weakness in one subject, which can be overcome with the help of coaching in their SAT Preparation. They enhance your strong subjects and provides you tricks and tips to overcome your fears of mathematics, algebra, and so on. 

At home, you can not assess your preparation for the exam. But in coaching, you can give mock tests, speed tests, and weekly tests to find out how much you have prepared for the exam. 

Coaching centers(SAT Online Classes and SAT Offline Classes) gives  you access to the resource materials that provide the idea. The tricks and tips taught by them help to solve the time-consuming questions in minimum time. The competition is very intense nowadays, so you must choose your SAT coaching in Mumbai with proper care by going through all the reviews and demo classes.

Don’t miss out on these tips on the SAT exam!

The day of the exam is very frightening for everyone. Many of us get so nervous and tensed, that we lose consciousness and they fainted. Why do all these things happen? Because you do not care about the small things on the day of the exam. We have mentioned the tips that you should follow on the SAT exam day to avoid any hurdles while giving your exam: 

Sleep properly 

Test takers become nervous and worried before their exam day and could not sleep at night which impacts their exam adversely. Take a sleep of 8-9 hours so that you can wake up fresh on the exam day. Giving exams with fresh and clear minds will increase your SAT score.

Have a good diet

Eat properly before giving the exam because your mind doesn’t work properly when you do something with an empty stomach. Eat refreshing food like juice, fruits, or try to have a proper meal.

Keep calm and have patience

Don’t get irritated when you are not able to solve questions quickly. Try to attempt all the questions with patience. Don’t hype up due to less time. If you are not able to do one question, then leave it and move on to the next. 

Go through the questions properly

Read every question carefully and attempt those questions at first of whose answer you know correctly. After attempting the questions, mark them with the pen, so that jo question is skipped. 

Manage your time effectively

Give equal time to every section. If you are not able to answer any question, then skip it and move on to another one. Don’t waste your time on difficult questions. Attempt only those questions which you are very sure of. 

Drink water 

Drink as much water as you can while giving the exam. Many times people get fainted due to lack of hydration. So don’t let this happen to you. Take an interval to drink water and calm your mind.

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