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Reasons why your modern business needs a managed dedicated server

By Cristiana , in Business , at February 2, 2021 Tags: ,

Modern businesses cannot survive under a shared hosting environment as very soon you will be going to experience so many hosting problems. This is because you are in constant competition for resources. But once you have spent on a dedicated server, the entire server is kept exclusive for your requirements. Dedicated server hosting is classified into two types i.e. managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting.

As desperate times needs desperate measures, similarly there will be times when you will be needing a service provider that will take care of all of your needs as well as manage it. Such is a managed dedicated server wherein your dedicated server provider will manage the servers, all the networks, and the essential software. But before buying such a server you need to know whether your business needs it or not.

According to the experts, modern businesses have to sustain the current competition in the market which is not very easy to handle. You will be going to need a reputed managed dedicated server for your business to thrive. But the selection of OS has to be backed up by technical logic only then one can enjoy the complete benefits of a managed dedicated server. Let’s get to know about not one not two but multiple benefits of a managed dedicated server-

  1. Impeccable security– There will be no time when you will have to doubt the security provided by your managed dedicated server. As you gain full access to all the assets of the server and 100% authority over the server resources, you can have a check by yourself. There will be no threat from any potential hacker or scammer which becomes a necessity for the businesses handling sensitive transactions done via SSL or FTP. A managed dedicated server even goes that extra mile to protect your server infrastructure by making use of firewall monitoring and additional security tools. These tools protect your server from unknown and unavoidable DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks. With the dedicated server environment, it becomes easier to prevent such attacks.
  2. Exclusive IP address– You might be unaware of the advantages of a unique IP address. An exclusive IP address brings more stability and reliability to your website. A managed dedicated server understands all of these advantages and promises you all the unique IP addresses. There are many people to trick your potential customers through a spam site entitled with a copied IP address which can be the same as yours. It is one of the most practiced fraudulent businesses online. So when your website is hosted over a managed dedicated server it becomes easy to capture new customers during times of high traffic. A unique IP address has a great contribution in making this happen. It ensures faster response time irrespective of the traffic density and FTP access can be used to access the domain anytime and anywhere.
  3. Unmatchable flexibility- Many users opt for a managed dedicated server just to enjoy its unmatched flexibility. It is too flexible to be true. One can customize the serve specifications according to their needs. So it’s nothing like a shared server with which you had to adjust in whichever format your server has been set and with a very limited amount of resources. It used to lack the very most important features which are required for a modern-day business idea to sustain in the real-time world. But with a managed dedicated server chose the software and platform of your own choice and also customize the RAM, CPU, and other requirements as per your current needs.
  4. Round the clock access-A managed dedicated server is not like those budget servers that not even assure you reliable accessibility. A professional managed dedicated server gives you round the clock reliable access with dual authentication to avoid any security breaches. This leads to negligible downtime by properly managing all the server functionalities.
  5. 24*7 expert support-There might be shared or other such hosting plans promising round-the-clock support but none of them fulfills it. A managed dedicated server will never disappoint you when it comes to support services. Whether the issue is regarding the network speed or running out of disk space, technical experts are ready to attend to your issue with all ears. They ensure quick, viable, and most sound technical solutions to any issue. Not only they will attend to your issue, but they also make sure that you come up with an upgraded solution to fix any future issues.


So leave all worries of hiring experts in-house when you can outsource such a commendable managed dedicated server who will look out for your needs throughout the service. With a one-time investment, you can get such reliable support, and then there will remain no worries. So if you are looking for such a server who can ensure the above-mentioned benefits then you have landed at the right place.

To know more you can learn from us how to utilize the managed dedicated server features to optimize your profits.


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