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Pros and Cons of Apple Repair Centre and Third-Party Repairs

It’s quite a common issue amongst iPhone users; that is, their cell phone gets damaged. Thus, they keep wondering whether they should approach a cell phone shop to get their iPhones fixed or the Apple Repair Centre. Have you also damaged your iPhone and now thinking: Where should I head to get it fixed? It’s up to you to decide whether you should approach Apple Authorized Service Providers or Third-Party Repair Shop. In this post, we shall mention the pros and cons of both Apple Repair Service Providers and Third-Party Repair Shops to help you judge: Which is the better option for you?


Pros of Getting Your iPhone Repaired from a Third-Party Repair Shop:


  • Bargains: You can capitalize on the price that the third-party repair shops may offer you. If you are short of budget for your iPhone repair and are desperate to have your cell phone start working for you, third party repair shops should be your go-to options.
  • Availability: Third-party repair shops have better availability than Apple Stores, which are not present everywhere. Shipping your iPhone is never the right option if giving importance to the time is your preference. You can quickly locate a third-party repair service and ahead straight to it to get your cell phone fixed right away.
  • Scope: Apple Authorized Authorized Service Providers usually don’t look at the other damaged cell phone issues except for the battery replacement and screen fix. They usually don’t prefer repairing the ports, Wi-Fi antenna, and the list goes on. This makes the third-party repair service a valuable option over an Apple Store.
  • Data: Apple’s technicians prefer erasing the data while making significant repairs; on the other hand, the third-party repair shops care a lot about your data and save it so that you can use it again or transfer it to the device you prefer.
  • Warranty: Not all, but enough cell phone repair shops offer a warranty for the repairs they perform, whether they perform iPhone repair or any other cellphone repair. Still, some people believe that third-party repair shops don’t offer a warranty to cell phone users. Some cell phone shops even offer a lifetime warranty on repairs.


Disadvantages of Getting Your iPhone Repaired from a Third-Part Repair Shop:

  • Everyone Is Not Certified: If the technicians working at third-party repair shops are uncertified, the chances are that they can make mistakes. However, if you approach a well-versed third-party repair shop, you will not become a victim of such mistakes.
  • Hatred: Apple never appreciates third-party technicians to get its devices repaired, be it an iPhone or a MacBook. Apple is the original manufacturer of its devices; probably, that’s the reason it has a hatred for third-party repair shops.


Pros of Getting Your iPhone Repaired from an Apple Store:

  • Reliability: Apple’s replacement parts for iPhones are frequently counterfeited, as some third-party repair shops deploy cheap parts to fix problems of broken iPhones. However, Apple Repair Centre gets operated through Apple; thus, you can expect that you will get genuine replacement parts for your iPhone if you want to get your iPhone fixed.
  • Training: Apple technicians have precisely the best training and tools on their side to perform the repairs that become crucial if you want to get your iPhone batteries replaced. Therefore, you can be assured that you will get your iPhone fixed in the best way if you show faith in Apple Store technicians.
  • Technology: Apple keeps moving ahead with technology that all third-party repair shops are not ahead of Apple; thus, problems to fix like OELD (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screens or high-tech (high technology) dual cameras should be left to Apple.
  • Easy Replacement: If your cell phone gets internal damage, Apple can send your iPhone for a convenient replacement that third-party service providers can’t do. However, if your warranty gets out-of-date, it can cost you more.

Disadvantages of Getting Your iPhone Repaired from an Apple Store:

  • Taking Appointments: If you want to get your cell phone to be repaired from an Apple Store, you will need to make an appointment. Another problem is that you need to mail your cell phone for the repairs that extend the period further. So, it doesn’t seem to be a great trade-off.
  • Cost: Apple repairs are costly than third-party repair shops. It may cost you around hundreds of dollars on the newer iPhones. The prices shoot-up for such repairs and are painful for iPhone users’ wallets.
  • Guarantee of Repair: You may have to bear the failure on repairs at Apple Stores that can make you disappointed in the long run. There is no guarantee of quality for such repairs, specifically during the busy times in a year.


Just like cell phone devices, there are pros and cons associated with Apple repairs and third-part repairs. If your iPhone gets damaged: Should you opt for the options Apple repair centre near meOf course, you can; however, getting your damaged iPhone fixed from a third-party repair shop is a better bargain for you if you compare the pros and cons of the two repair service providers mentioned in this post.


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