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Properties, compounds and various applications of silicon tubes

Silicone tube is one of the categories of western rubber. This has multiple uses so it is extensively applied in variety of industries such as industries engaged in the field of healthcare or pharmaceutical. The other name for silicone is polysiloxane which are polymers that is constituted of a substance called siloxane. One of the properties of this substance is that it iscolorless in nature. It is a rubber like substance. It is used in the production of adhesives, formulation and processing of lubricants, medicinal industry, and thermal industry. It also has a wide usage in the field of electric industry as it helps in providing the property of insulation. There are plenty of silicone tube manufacturersin the country. It is also called as polymerized siloxanes. Polysiloxanes is another name of this substance. The chemical property of this substance includes an oxidized chain clubbed along with a couple of organic groups attached to one center of silicon.

It is a polymeric material. There are a multiple compositions of this chemical that are possible. This can be side grouped, cross linked that helps in formulation of variety of chemical substance with varied chemical combinations. The variety of components of both silicon and oxygen can be utilized in formulation of different chemical combinations that will result in varied nature and texture of the resulting product. It can be as thin in the transparency of the material which can be in the form of liquid. It can also be manufactured in the form of rubber. The chemical combination can also result in giving it a consistency of that of a gel or a rubber. The same is manufactured in accordance with the need of the substance.

There is not supposed to be any confusion between silicon and silicone. Both of the chemical substances are different and have different applications in the industry. Since silicone is extensively used in electrical industry and has properties of insulation as well. It is used in making e- chips and solar cells as well. The chemical combination containsO2, h and C but apart from that it comprises of other chemical compounds as well. The composition can be changed and it can be used for varied chemical purposes depending upon the alteration of nature. There are various avenues and areas in which silicone is used and the applications can be explained as below:-

  • For the purpose of defoaming: – It is used as a compound in defoamers because it has excellent spreading feature and it a low level of water solubility.
  • Electronic industry: – It is widely used in insulation in the electrical industry. It acts as insulation in the electric shocks.
  • Dry cleaning: – Silicon is also used in the dry cleaning industry and it also helps in the reduction of pollution and is friendly to the nature in comparison to other chemicals.

Silicon tubes can also be used for other purposes and the list is inexhaustive.




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