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4 Useful Additions for Your Boat Dock

By Cristiana , in Travel , at January 27, 2021 Tags:

If you live beside a river or body of water, you likely realize how useful it is to have a boat dock. Whether you use your boat primarily for recreation or for another purpose, your dock allows you to quickly and easily access your boat whenever you need. What you may not have considered is that there are many affordable ways to enhance your dock space.

1. Ladders

Installing a ladder on your dock is great for many reasons. First and foremost, it makes your dock much more accessible. This will allow you and your family to easily come out of the water after swimming or to get onto the dock from a small craft, such as a kayak. Boat dock ladders also are beneficial for safety reasons, as they provide a handhold for swimmers and allow for a quick exit from the water in case of an emergency.

2. Piling Caps

You may also wish to consider adding caps onto each of the pilings that form the structure of your dock. These caps, which are usually made of plastic, are nailed into the wood of your pilings and protect the wood from water. This will allow your pilings to last much longer, as standing water can accelerate the breakdown of wood.

3. Seating

Depending on the size and layout of your dock, you might want to consider incorporating some outdoor seating. Chairs made of heavy materials might be best, as these will not blow over in the wind.

4. Fish Cleaning Station

A final enhancement you might want to consider is a fish cleaning station. This will allow you to handle any fish you catch without making a big mess in your kitchen.

If your dock gets a lot of use, consider adding a few improvements. This will allow you to benefit from your dock as much as possible and in as many ways as possible.

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