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The Positive and Negative Effects of Video Devices in Meetings

By Cristiana , in Technology , at December 11, 2022

Using Video devices in meetings can be beneficial and detrimental. While the positives include allowing teams to collaborate more efficiently, the negatives include video conference fatigue and multitasking behavior.


Remote communication may be significantly facilitated by using a screen-sharing tool. Neat, for instance, aids in promoting teams who collaborate across several offices or time zones. The software allows remote teammates to work on the same document simultaneously, reducing miscommunications and saving time.

Screen-sharing applications also facilitate collaboration in creative ways. For instance, sales and marketing teams can use the software to fine-tune mockups or animations before presenting them to clients. In addition, screen-sharing applications can help train new employees.

Some collaboration software is built-in to a meeting tool, while others are available as a standalone application. When choosing a screen-sharing tool, consider the features you need and your business’s budget and needs.

Audio-visual cues

Using an audio-visual display to facilitate team meetings has become a business best practice. They are incorporating a video conferencing solution is also a good idea. The benefits are enjoyed by colleagues spanning multiple time zones.

The best part is that they are affordable. A few vendors offer free trials of their products. For example, Zoom has a bundle of slide decks to choose from. In addition, the company provides a one-on-one webinar training program where your employees can learn about the product at a discount. Additionally, the business offers support services to assist you on your path to AV nirvana. They even provide a free online AV assessment with a certified AV aficionado. After all, a little help from the pros can go a long way.

Multitasking behavior

Researchers have investigated multitasking behavior during remote meetings using a large-scale log analysis. They found that people multitask more in more prolonged or more relevant discussions. People also multitask more when they are in meetings that have a more significant number of participants.

Researchers have characterized VC fatigue as a type distinct from other forms of fatigue. They have also examined the relationship between VC fatigue and the number of meetings and meeting load. VC fatigue is considered to be a media effect.

Multitasking during meetings is characterized by peripherally paying attention to the panel while simultaneously doing other activities. It is often done to avoid distractions, such as interruptions, and to interleave other essential activities.

These researchers have compared multitasking behavior during remote meetings to multitasking behavior during in-person meetings. The results show that people multitask more in larger group sizes when sessions are longer and in discussions with lower relevance.

Videoconference fatigue

Despite the positive aspects of videoconferencing, the technology is associated with a negative outcome. It is characterized by the inability to maintain communication due to technical problems, fatigue, and short-term and long-term exhaustion.

Many factors can affect VC fatigue, including technical, organizational, and personal characteristics. In addition, some environmental factors contribute to the cause of VC fatigue.

The first extensive survey about videoconference fatigue identified the sociodemographic variables contributing to VC fatigue. The results showed that the number of meetings and meeting load were associated with higher daily fatigue levels.

The sociodemographic variables included personality traits and cognitive traits. The results showed significant correlations between personality traits and levels of fatigue.


The best way to meet your top brass face-to-face is to use a video conferencing service for business. It’s also a great way to glean information from your senior execs on the fly. Luckily, the perks don’t cost a fortune. Some services have a subscription fee, while others offer a pay-as-you-go model. Fortunately, the best ones are well worth the extra cash. A video conferencing service is an intelligent way to conduct business, even if it’s just a couple of hours a day. As such, choosing a service with a reputable track record is essential. It can be done with a thorough review of the company’s services. Speaking with a customer support professional who can go through all the service details is among the finest methods to achieve this.


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