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Medical Marijuana Edibles – What You Need to Know?

By Adam Clark , in Health , at January 30, 2021 Tags:

Cannabis is known for providing amazing health benefits such as pain relief, boosted mood, improved sleep, etc. In the United States, medical marijuana is legal in 33 states currently. To access marijuana products from state-licensed dispensaries, you need to apply for 420 evaluations..

Smoking isn’t the only way to deliver cannabinoids into the body. You can eat cannabis-infused products called edibles, which offers delayed effects that last longer than other methods. Edibles have become a favored choice of first-time users. Read on to learn more about these cannabis products.

Medical Marijuana Edibles

Edibles are usually foods, which contains cannabis and its active ingredients. Marijuana flowers can be infused in foods and beverages using different methods, allowing consumers to experience the amazing medicinal benefits of the herb. Usually, edibles contain high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for causing high effects.

At medical dispensaries, you can find a wide range of cannabis-infused products. Here’s a list of some of the most popular edible products-

  • Cookies
  • Pizzas
  • Chips
  • Candies
  • Chocolates
  • Brownies
  • Ice creams
  • Sodas
  • Dessert balls
  • Nuts
  • Energy drinks
  • Coffees & teas

When compared with other cannabis consumption methods, edibles take longer to kick in. In other words, their effects are delayed. Smoking and vaping provide immediate effects while edibles aren’t usually noticeable 30-90 minutes after they are taken.

When you smoke marijuana flowers, cannabinoids such as THC and CBD reach the bloodstream immediately. But, cannabis edibles reach the bloodstream after they are digested properly in the body. However, edibles have last longer than other methods. On average, the effects of marijuana-infused edibles last about 4-12 hours, depending on various factors-

  • Metabolism rate
  • Bodyweight
  • Concentration of THC in the edibles
  • Dosage

If you are using edibles for the first time, it’s important to have an in-depth understanding of how your body responds to cannabinoids. Because edibles offer delayed effects, you may take the second serving without experiencing the effects of the first one. Here are some tips to have a positive experience with edibles-

  • Always consume edibles in a comfortable place like home and among your close friends. For first time users, it’s good to have partners or friends to keep track of the dosage and effects.
  • Read the dosing guidelines on the edible packages carefully and follow them.
  • Start with a low serving and monitor the effects carefully. However, you can increase the dosage over time.

In conclusion, cannabis is becoming popular as an alternative to prescription medications for treating various conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, cancer, etc. People are experimenting new cannabis recipes and methods of consuming cannabinoids. They are growing marijuana plants at home from cannabis seeds and trying cannabis-infused products such as foods and drinks. Edibles are safe as compared to other consumption methods such as smoking and vaping. They usually take longer to deliver medicinal benefits and last longer than other methods. In general edibles’ effects last about 4-12 hours, depending on your metabolism rate, bodyweight, THC content in edibles, dosage, etc.

Due to growing demand for CBD products in the UK, more producers are turning to overseas markets such as India for CBD suppliers. Although the demand for CBD products is rising in the UK, it’s important to note that the law here in the UK means distributors have no obligation to reveal how much is in their products. There is a ban on selling edible items containing CBD however e liquids are not subject to this so you may be buying something that is completely legal but is not subject to any type of regulation in the UK. This makes sourcing your own CBD oils a viable option for retailers but it can also be an expensive investment as most distributors cannot guarantee the product’s origin whether this is coming from a source within the UK or sourced from another country


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