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Things You Should Know About Becoming an EMT or Paramedic

By Cristiana , in Health , at October 15, 2020 Tags: , , , ,

EMTs and paramedics deal with life-and-death decisions every day. This high-stress job requires 1-3 years of training and education to start and continued education throughout their careers.

Licensing Process

The first step is to become CPR certified and complete EMT training, such as a Texas EMT course. Some states may require 1-2 years of college coursework that focuses on patient care and transportation. Paramedics may require a 2-year degree in emergency medicine.

Certification depends on the state, but generally, EMTs must complete at least 120 hours of training and take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians exam, while. However, degrees are not typically given for EMT training, while paramedics require significantly more training (at least 1,200 hours) and must take the National Registry Paramedic cognitive exam. Additional advanced training or degrees may be pursued.

Job Duties

EMTs work in medicine. They are first responders who may be involved in transporting patients to the hospital while treating them. They may also work with fire and police departments. These individuals provide emergency medical treatment, such as applying neck braces and stopping bleeds. Paramedics may provide advanced care, such as medicine administration, resuscitation, breathing support and IV insertion.

Success Tips

As you complete your schoolwork, focus on your critical-thinking and decision-making skills because you will be required to make quick decisions in the field. Your people skills should also be developed. You need a good bed-side manner. In addition, develop your communication skills, particularly your listening skills.

Focus on strengthening your body and improving your stamina. You will be required to work long, grueling hours and may have to lift or move patients, so you need to be strong. The faster you are able to move patients and get them to the hospital, the better off their prognoses can be.

EMTs and Paramedics are vital parts of the healthcare and first-responder systems. Prepare yourself for career success.


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