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Low Technology in the High Technology World

By Adam Clark , in Technology , at January 28, 2021 Tags:

It seems that most of the gadgets we have are seen as people who can pressure us by keeping us up to date, we have become very anxious. People leave their homes with their phones, call while checking their emails, and down the street while texting someone.


You know, there’s something to be said about not knowing everything right now. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk to your local store and see where you were going? Take time to see trees, insects, and birds as you go? Being able to drive your car and enjoy the view, what a simple joy we take for granted. Sometimes we try to talk to one person while texting. Gone are the days when you had someone’s attention, and you include the times when our lives have become a series of multi-tasking sessions.


Occasional separation of the grid can be very stressful unless you first press unknowingly. There are two things we need to do to live low technology in this world of high technology.


  1. Don’t get involved in the story. You do not need to constantly improve. Believe it or not, the technology we have can last for years and years, and most of the time, our needs do not change that firmly to get the latest technology anyway.


  1. Understand that there is, and always will be, better than what you have, so be content with what you have, and do not dwell on what you do not have.


We get up in the morning and check our smartphones or tablets before talking to one of our specialists. We can send an instant email, check the weather and news all before saying “hello” to our partners. There was time to talk before we left the house, but now the only talk we hear is “I’m leaving, I’ll have to go.”


This high-tech society certainly has its advantages, and there are certain technologies that make life a joy to live in, however, all of these technologies have come at a price. Instead of connecting one, we end up connecting one-third, or one-fifth, as we try to connect to everything and everyone at the same time.


We cannot escape the high technology society we live in, and we should not try, but should try to make you know what technology we need and what we do not need. Let’s stay connected to our family and friends, but we don’t let the joy of enjoying life. Let’s control our technology, instead of our technology. Let us enjoy the sun, the rain, and the cool breeze, just as we enjoy our loved ones and the technology that keeps us connected. Let’s try to understand which tech gadgets will give us the balance that will really allow us to become the lowest tech in the tech world.


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