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How to Wear Contacts Comfortably

By Cristiana , in General , at March 26, 2023

Everyone wishes to wear their dream contact lenses. Unfortunately, it sometimes goes differently than planned. With many getting red, itchy, or even watery eyes, many will give up and opt for glasses.

If you have been thinking about trying contact lenses, deciding to have them can be a step in an environmentally friendly and sustainable direction. After all, with the right diet to improve vision and prescribed contact lenses, you are saving yourself from costs.

So keep reading to learn how to wear contacts comfortably.

Optimize Fit and Comfort

Begin by washing your hands with mild soap before handling contact lenses. Avoid using cream or lotion on your hands, which can cause the lenses to move around.

Carefully place a lens on the tip of your index finger or the palm of your hand and slowly put it on your eye. Make sure the lens is centered correctly, and lightly press on the lens’s corner for it to be secure. You may need to blink a few times if you feel discomfort from the lens being too tight. 

Handle Your Lenses Properly

Always take care when wearing contact lenses to avoid injuries. When doing contact cleaning, they should be washed thoroughly with a lens solution before touching them.

It is essential to avoid using saliva as a lubricating agent, as this can cause infection. After washing the lenses, use tweezers to hold the edge and check for any damage–if any is present, the lenses should not be worn.

When putting them in your eyes, fingers should be washed and dried, and lenses should be handled with clean hands. When taking them off, turn the contacts inside out over the sink so that no contact solution gets in the eyes.

Also, never use the same container for both eyes, as this can increase the risk of infection. Finally, be sure to replace old and dropped contacts as your eye doctor recommends, and store the solution properly in a cool, dry place. 

Create a Contact Lens Wear Schedule

Contact lenses are a popular option for vision correction and can be comfortable to wear if you use them properly. Creating a contact lens wear schedule is the first step to ensuring your lenses are comfortable.

Start by talking to your optometrist about the best type of lenses for your vision and how often you should wear them. Next, consider your activities and visual needs, and plan when to wear the lenses and when to leave them out. Contact B-Town Eye Care to find out which contacts are good for you.

Learn How to Wear Contacts the Right Way

Contact lenses are a great and convenient way to improve vision. With the proper materials and techniques, you can learn how to wear contacts.

Always ensure you clean your contacts appropriately and occasionally give your eyes a break by removing your lenses. For those who experience discomfort wearing their contact lenses, consider speaking to an optometrist for better advice.

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