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How IATAN Card Is Used in Licensing

By Cristiana , in Travel , at August 19, 2022

An IATAN card is a professional identification card for individuals involved in selling travel. It benefits the travel business, such as instant CheckACode approval and membership to the UATP Insiders Club. For an annual fee of $35-$45, the card provides numerous benefits to individuals engaged in the travel industry. However, before taking advantage of these benefits, you must first become a member of IATAN.

Professional Identification Card

The IATAN card is a recognized professional identification card for those in the travel industry. The IATAN credential gives individuals in the travel industry the ability to access various travel-related perks and educational opportunities. The card can also prove eligibility for industry perks and fam trips. In addition, it provides worldwide recognition for travel agents. Interested individuals can apply online for the IATAN credential.

Instant Approval on CheckACode and UATP Membership

The UATP is an association that represents the interests of travel agents around the world. By recognizing travel agents, UATP is promoting compliance and brand exposure. Members have access to exclusive discounts on rail fares. In addition, you will receive a unique identification to use when checking in and out. Membership in the UATP Insider’s Club entitles you to several exclusive perks.

In addition to these benefits, you will receive professional recognition from IATA. With the IATA ID card, you will receive $35,000 in travel accident protection, instant approval on CheckACode, and UATP Insider’s Club membership. In addition to instant approval, the UATP Insider’s Club has many other benefits, including access to a membership directory.


Depending on your business type, IATA/IATAN cards cost between $35 and $45. For instance, a head office of a travel agency has to pay $235 for a new application, while a branch office and a corporate travel department must each pay $390. Individuals not affiliated with a business must pay $95 for a card. The cost of an IATAN/IATA card varies depending on your business type but is usually between $35 and $45. If you need a card for business purposes, buying it online is often cheaper than calling IATAN directly.

The ID Card is valid for one year and is not refundable. Once purchased, you will receive a digital copy of your card within 48 hours of payment. If you prefer a physical card, it will be mailed to you. Depending on your shipping method, your physical ID card will take between 10 and 4 business days to arrive. To purchase a card, you must be at least 18 years of age and agree to the Cardholder Agreement.


An IATAN Card is a credential that provides travel agents with exclusive discounts and benefits. Members of the organization can access exclusive deals from over a thousand travel suppliers. Additionally, they get free hotel room upgrades. There are countless other perks, including free airport shuttles, discounts at museums, airport parking, and ticketless airline rates.

IATA has an extensive data resource to help travel industry members get the most out of their services. The organization works to connect travel suppliers to the U.S. distribution network, and IATAN ID card holders receive promotional benefits and concessionary benefits from those suppliers. Furthermore, IATA certifies travel agencies for ticketing and referral services. IATAN also empowers affiliate agents to find clients for host agencies.

Status Verification as a Travel Professional

You can get a Travel Professional ID Card (TPD) online. ARC Check is an easy way to see if an agency is ARC-accredited. ARC-accredited agencies have met stringent financial stability, personnel, and security requirements. ARC-verified travel consultants also have met rigorous requirements. As a result, they enjoy the benefits of being a member of ARC. In addition, they receive benefits such as exclusive member discounts, access to specialized resources, and more.


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