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Guideline for Preparation of Gift Boxes with Suitable Graphics

By Cristiana , in Lifestyle , at January 29, 2021 Tags: ,

Giving gifts to loved ones is a very ancient tradition, and people always try to present them attractively. In modern civilization, this beautiful tradition is still trending, and people share their feelings by giving gifts to each other. Gift boxes are a perfect source to present them stylishly to win the hearts of loved ones. People usually love to make these boxes at home but, businesses in this sector mostly use them commercially to attract customers. Printing suitable graphics over them can increase their attractiveness. However, there are some necessary guidelines to follow to make this happen. Some of those useful guidelines are given below.

Choose the right print substrate

The important thing to consider during the preparation of custom gift boxes with suitable graphics is the selection of packaging material. It is vital because these graphics would only look good when a substrate is able to provide them with an elegant environment. Materials differ in the ability to preserve the print for longer or shorter durations. So, it is necessary to choose the right type of material. Corrugated cardboard is much effective for this purpose. It gives an appealing look when different graphic images are displayed over it. A cardboard sheet absorbs the printing inks perfectly and enables to provide a long-lasting and quality print. This material offers an extra benefit in the form of the safety of items.

Display event-specific illustrations

A plain packaging having no graphics or any kind of information is unable to create interest in people. Whenever people go to retail stores to purchase gift items, they prefer items that have beautiful packaging with beautiful illustrations. You can use gift boxes wholesale to take advantage of popular ongoing seasonal events by displaying event-related illustrations. It will benefit more in getting huge sales. For example, an event like Christmas is famous for sharing gifts with each other. Printing the suitable graphics of Santa Claus and different ornaments will increase the beauty of these boxes. The same goes for other events like Birthdays, weddings, New Year, and Halloween. Printing graphics of cakes and other relevant objects will add more charisma to them. However, changing these illustrations frequently according to events is necessary.

Choose attractive and rich colours

It is necessary to choose the colours wisely while setting the layout of your custom gift boxes with appropriate and most relevant graphics. This factor implies to all, regardless of a startup or an established brand, thinking to create a new layout for packaging. Colours play a vital role in grabbing the attention of customers and increasing the visibility of these items in retail stores. There should not be consistency among the background color of boxes and graphics to be displayed over them. It will give a boring and dull look, and consumers will not perceive a good impression. So it is necessary to consider the importance of colourway. Also, avoid using too many sharp colors. Try to use a blend of palish and vibrant colors to give an attractive look.

Use high-resolution graphics

While displaying the graphics during the preparation of gift boxes wholesalean aspect that could not be compromised is the use of high-resolution graphics. It would not look that much charismatic if images are low quality and low resolution. It will look distorted on getting printed. It usually happens when people design the whole layout on their own using an online resource or software installed on the computer. An ordinary person does not know the technicalities of a graphic image. These images look high quality while seeing them on desktop, but they get expanded on getting printed, and pixels get distorted. High-resolution images will make the packaging more appealing and catchy.

Use efficient printing technology

The most important guideline to follow is the use of an efficient printing technology that could enable to get the best quality prints. On having every element in the best quality, this packaging will become a great marketing tool. Different types of printing technologies work differently. Opting for an obsolete technology will ruin the graphics and other printed content. These old technologies are unable to release the required ink in exact quantity, and hence the substrate to be used for printing will be unable to absorb that much ink. These technologies are also unable to provide the exact colors. The use of modern technologies like offset and digital printing technology is a solution to this problem. They provide high-quality print results in desired colors with the help of a CMYK color scheme.

These were some essential guidelines to follow while preparation of gift boxes with suitable graphics. Following all these guidelines will not leave any loopholes and will provide the desired results quickly. Going for the manufacturing process directly without considering all these factors will not give them an attractive look. Along with going low on sales, a lot of invested money will also get wasted.


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