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Ecommerce Trends to Drive Sales in 2021

By Adam Clark , in Business , at February 8, 2021 Tags: ,

The modern world is largely dominated by smartphones and laptops. Besides, with the high-speed internet and 4G services, smartphone use has widened in many ways. The eCommerce industry is highly facilitated with the help of these two factors.

Besides, there is a considerable permeation of digital marketing due to the COVID-19 situation. The lockdown has restricted people from buying things from the regular market; hence, people are opting to purchase products online. This has forced even companies that traditionally confined themselves to physical stores to go digital.

Hence, pure eCommerce and Omni channels are the changing courses of the retail industry in 2020. However, due to the number of companies migrating to eCommerce, the competition will increase between companies. Hire eCommerce SEO experts from Brainvire as there is much scope for every business to develop some quirks that can prove pivotal in the eCommerce industry. This way, the eCommerce firm can get along with the trend and set some of its own and remain firm in the competition.

Here are some eCommerce trends that will likely drive sales in 2021.

The eCommerce industry is fully based on digital technology. Things like the simplicity of the interface, responsiveness of the website, mobile optimization, availability of in-app forms, multiplatform support are some of the basics of every eCommerce firm.

These things are the defining characteristics of an eCommerce business; anything missing can lead to drastic business downfall. Hence, integrating these things is the basic way of establishing an eCommerce firm.

However, this was the trend in 2020. 2021 offers more opportunities, and an eCommerce firm has to integrate even more digital aspects.

There have been many online payment apps and other platforms introduced; many people prefer one to the others due to a lot of reasons. Asserting only a few online payment methods can be a big mistake as not many potential customers will go out of their comfort zone and explore other modes of payment.

  • Apps for paying in installment

Another eCommerce trend that ought to set a strong foothold in 2021 is integrating installment payment apps. Many customers get deterred from buying products they desire due to financial constraints.

Some eCommerce giants have their finance options, which allow the customers to buy now and pay later. This may seem like aspiring eCommerce firms; however, the installment payment apps are lifelines. They integrate with eCommerce websites and apps.

These installment payment apps are linked with the customers’ bank accounts and credit cards. This way, the customers can buy without spending from the bank accounts or using their credit cards and pay later that too in installments.

Adopting this feature is likely to increase sales without any likelihood of bad debts or so.

  • Chatbots for sales and customer service

Ecommerce, just like any retail business, depends on existing and new customers for its revenue and to come up in competition. Retaining existing customers means not losing them or letting them go away to your competitors. Getting new customers means spreading roots further into the market.

Thus, sales and customer services are equally important pillars of a prudent business. Maintaining them well can help a firm not only stay consistent in the competition but also overcome it.

However, having supportive customer service and employing a good strength of sales personnel may not be economically viable for most firms. Hence, using chatbots for both these aspects can be the best way to ensure customer service and uncompromised sales.

These chatbots effectively answer customers’ queries then make them go through terms and conditions, FAQs, and policies. They can also help customers place an order or pursue them to finalize an unfinished order in the shopping trolley.

The best thing about chatbots is that they work tirelessly 24*7 and do not depend on a complex system.

  • Integration of social media channels

Social media is an excellent channel to know customers’ preferences. It is also an acceptable means of generating data about the target group. However, the social media platform until 2020 was primarily limited to generating data from potential customers.

In 2021, however, it is likely to have better integration with eCommerce platforms. Thus, it can be used for direct sales, advertisements, attracting customers with intriguing and informative articles, and so on. Social media platforms, therefore, can help local and global businesses get more benefits.


Ecommerce is going to continue to dominate the retail industry in 2021. Taking the right measures as mentioned in this article and understanding the trends that will likely arise can help you make your eCommerce firm remain in the competition and curb it and reach new heights. The trends are arising and soaring above every height with these trends to drive greater sales and revenue in the upcoming year.


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