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desi perkins net worth

By Cristiana , in Net Worth , at March 5, 2022

Desi Perkins is an American vlogger and beauty YouTuber with a net worth of $350,000. The vlogger is very popular on Instagram, where she has over 3.9 million followers. Desi Perkins was born in California on March 3, 1987, and is of Mexican and Spanish descent. She grew up with three brothers. Her husband is a graphic designer who helped her establish her YouTube channel. Their net worth is estimated to be in the millions.

Desi Perkins is a freelance makeup artist with a net worth of $350,000 USD. She started her YouTube channel on September 11, 2015, and has already received over 14 million views. She posts beauty tips, vlogs, and tutorials to her audience. The couple also have their own clothing line and have a loyal following on Instagram. Their YouTube channels have millions of subscribers, and Desi Perkins’s YouTube channel has garnered over three million subscribers.

Desi Perkins has her own YouTube channel, which has garnered 14,418 views to date. She also hosts a makeup class on YouTube and attends fashion events. She earns a salary at each event. Moreover, she has designed sunglasses with Australian designer High Key Quay. Besides, she collaborates with various makeup lines to boost her net worth. She plans to launch a fashion line in 2019 and is working on a website to promote it.

Desi Perkins has also earned a fortune from her YouTube channel. Since she started posting vlogs and makeup tutorials, she has amassed a sizable net worth. She has more than one million followers on her YouTube channel. If Desi Perkins makes millions from YouTube, then she’s doing something right. But what does she need to do to make more money? Keep reading to learn more about her personal and professional goals!

Perkins has a net worth of $0.8 million. Her networth is estimated to be around $3.8 million. Her YouTube channel has been growing fast since 2013, and she has 3.7 million followers on Instagram. As a beauty guru, she creates tutorials for difficult looks. Aside from YouTube, she has an Instagram account with over ten thousand followers, making her extremely popular and influential. If you’re a fan of Desi Perkins, you can also follow her on Instagram, where she posts videos and tutorials.

Desi Perkins is a freelance makeup artist who is very popular on YouTube. She has many fans on her channel, which has helped her increase her net worth. She has also partnered with her husband, Steven Perkins, a graphic designer, which has increased her exposure and his YouTube channel’s popularity. The two have their own YouTube channel. They both have a significant amount of followers and are very active in the entertainment industry.


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