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A Guide to Collecting Rare Gems

By Cristiana , in General , at April 16, 2023

Jewelry made from pre-existing gems is incredibly popular. It represents tradition, timelessness, and sentimental value. With all the options out there, though, it’s hard to know who you can trust for clean and well-made jewelry.

Rather than going with the name brands, though, why not consider starting a rare gem collection instead? Buying rare gems and working with them is not only enjoyable, but they can make you a lot of money.

Read on to learn about this collection’s different types and where to get started.

Guidelines for Acquiring Valuable Gemstones

Aim to buy a gemstone of the highest quality to ensure you are getting the most value for your money. Research different gemstones, jewelers, and labs for the quality of the gemstone you are buying. Make sure that the gemstone is certified by an accredited laboratory.

Request certification from the seller and ask for a grading report, including pictures. Be mindful of online sales and check for any restrictions or warranties for the gemstone or their respective sellers.

Lastly, ask for a receipt or document that specifies the details of the gemstone you are buying. Consider adding insurance to any valuable gems you buy for even more protection. Following these guidelines will help you buy a valuable gemstone that will have great worth in the future.

Identifying Rare Gemstones

Gemstones come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and some are rarer than others. Some of the rare gemstones include:


Benitoite is a rare gemstone and one of the rarest found in nature. Its distinguishing features are its bright blue phosphorescence and its unique hexagonal crystal formation. First discovered in 1907 by a miner in San Benito County, California, it is the official state gem of California.

Benitoite is made up of titanium, iron, and silicon. These stones can be cut, polished, and made into gorgeous jewelry pieces.

Although it rates a 6.5 on the Mohs scale, Benitoite gemstones are lightweight and very durable. This makes them perfect for everyday wear. 


Painite is one of the rarest gemstones, with only a few hundred existing in the world. It is a rare borate mineral discovered in Myanmar in the 1950s. Hued by an array of warm oranges and reds, the gem is prized for its dreamy hue as well as its rarity.

It has been used for centuries for jewelry and other ornamental purposes. It can fetch a rare price tag, being in fortune for collectors who are lucky enough to get their hands on it. 


It has a vitreous luster and has a variety of colors ranging from yellow, blue, and brown to colorless. In rare cases, the gemstone can also be found in a very rare green color. You can find these gemstones in only a few places around the world, such as Russia and Namibia.

It is said to be formed in an environment known as a “shock rite,” which is an environment in which the gemstones are precipitated from hot spring water. Its hardness and transparency, when cut, adds to the beauty and rarity of the stone and make it one of the most sought-after gems by collectors.


Tanzanite is the only form of zosite to have been given its own name and is a beautiful combination of purples and blues. The deeper the blue, the more valuable it is.

Tanzanite is mined and cut with hand tools. Since it is so rare, it is generally more expensive than many other gemstones.

It is a very durable gemstone that can be set in almost any type of jewelry and makes a stunning addition to a gemstone collection or a gift. Tanzanite is the birthstone of December, and owning a piece of it is a special treat that will draw attention and admiration.

To become more informed and everything related to it, many helpful resources on tanzanite are available online. These include the official website of the Tanzanian government, which provides detailed information about the mining process, the production of quality tanzanite, and the characteristics of the stones. 

Red Beryl

Red Beryl, also known as Bixbite, is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. It is a gorgeous, deep red stone with a hardness of 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale, making it perfect for use in fine jewelry.

Red Beryl is found in the Thomas Range in Utah, as well as in Mexico. Its mesmerizing color and clarity make it a sought-after stone by gem collectors. Red Beryl is quite expensive due to its rarity and can fetch thousands of dollars per carat. 

Storing and Protecting Your Collection

First, keep it in a cool, dry place where the temperature won’t fluctuate too much. Second, avoid sunlight as much as possible and keep your collection displayed in an area with indirect lighting. Place your collection in protective materials like acid-free paper and archival boxes.

If you want to keep it stored for an extended period, use sealable plastic containers. You also want to ensure your collection is free from uninvited visitors like pests and parasites. Use insect trap boards, natural deterrents, and gentle pesticides to protect your collection.

Appraising Your Gemstones

When appraising your gemstones, it is essential to look at the cut, clarity, color, and carat of the stones. Cut refers to how the stone is shaped and how it reflects light; clarity is an indicator of how transparent the stone is; color determines the hue; and carat depicts the stone’s weight.

There are many factors to consider when appraising a gemstone. This includes its origin, whether it has been treated, and its authenticity.

It is also essential to have a professional jeweler appraise the stone to decide its actual value. Additionally, it is necessary to understand the stone’s current market price and its manufactured costs. 

Add Rare Gems to Your Collection Today

Collecting rare gems can be an exciting and rewarding hobby or lifetime commitment. Remember to take your time when looking for gems, and try to look for ones that are meaningful and special to you.

For help locating, authenticating, and preserving gems, consult a professional. Start your collection today and add some sparkle to your life!

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