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8 Exciting Video Marketing Trends for 2022

By Cristiana , in Business , at March 10, 2022

Technology, data, human behavior, and trends are influencing the way the marketing industry is evolving at present, not to mention video marketing. Go through all the marketing resources, tips, predictions, and guides, and you will find them emphasizing the use of videos in your business marketing plan.

That’s why the trend of using an online video editor is also on the rise. From live videos to short advertisements, stories, and vlogs, video content takes new shapes every day.

And the video marketing trend is not here to die. It will continue to stay right on top of the content strategies of businesses even in 2022. Well, the trends in this arena keep changing; therefore, it is crucial to stay updated.

So, let’s dive in and find the eight most exciting video marketing trends for 2022:

1. Videos in the Social Media Stories

The videos appearing in the social media stories are engaging. Such videos can help businesses connect with their prospective buyers on a more personal level. The trend is on in 2022, and it is here to stay. But as a brand, if you want to make the most out of this trend, keep your social media videos engaging and casual.

Most importantly, they also provide different ways of interacting with the audiences. When making such videos, you can incorporate polls, do Q&A sessions and use the questions feature to get closer to the viewers. Such videos can also help you in knowing more about your products and services from the viewers.

2. Shoppable Videos Are On the Rise

Shoppable videos are videos featuring shoppable hotspots. These allow the audiences to know about products and services in detail simply by clicking on them and buying them instantly.

Therefore, you do not have the customers leaving your web page to convert. Instead, they can go through the products and services and even buy them simultaneously. This simplifies the buying procedure. Isn’t that nice?

Content through a website is gaining huge popularity. That’s because it makes it easier for the customers to buy the products they are interested in. But on the other hand, it is beneficial for brands because they get valuable viewer insights.

3. Increased Use of Animated Explainer Videos

Animation is nothing new! It has been one of the most useful marketing strategies for several years. Though animated explainers were popular even in the past, it is anticipated that their popularity will know no limits in 2022.

This is one of the major video marketing trends of 2022. Many organizations use animated explainer videos to most artistically promote their products and services.

These videos are effective because they teach the viewer how to use a product, onboard new members of the staff, and help businesses achieve a plethora of other marketing and corporate goals.

Marketing experts expect to see more of these videos benefiting companies in different sectors even more.

4. Interactive Videos

These are more traditional videos, but they are way more engaging. They allow the audiences to engage with brand stories in more interactive and personal ways. They even give viewers the chance of modifying the ending of these videos or recommend what to do next simply by interacting with them.

Interactive videos help the viewers be a part of the experience instead of having a passive viewing experience. Such videos are already on the rise, and their popularity is likely to gain momentum in 2022.

5. VR and AR Video Content

VR and AR videos have been around for quite some time now, and now they are finding their way into mainstream video marketing. The recent Coronavirus pandemic also played an important role in accelerating the growth of VR and AR videos.

More and more companies are using it to create efficient visual experiences for their customers. These are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality videos that offer a live, direct or indirect view of the real-worth environment. The elements in these videos are augmented using computer-generated sensory inputs like graphics and sound.

Even the retail stores are now providing try before you buy options. So, businesses can also use the same technology in their video marketing to transform the users’ experience.

6. Educational Videos and Training Content

Training material and educational videos are among the most popular sections of video marketing. Such videos include almost anything from learning the right way of using a product to FAQs to online studies in university settings.

Consumers these days like learning about new products through videos rather than infographics, reading articles and manuals. So, 2022 is the right time to start with such videos if you are still falling behind in this.

You can use an online video editor for creating videos that clarify your business profile, tell who you are or what you do, and the products and services you offer.

7. Vlogging Is Making the Rounds

These days vlogs have become one of the most excellent vehicles for businesses to narrate their stories. And this is highly advantageous considering that brand storytelling is the most engaging way of connecting with the customers.

In addition to this, brand storytelling can also assist in developing the personality of a brand and keep the audiences engaged.

Get on YouTube or on any other social media platform, and you will find vlogs on different topics. But, most importantly, they are outperforming other forms of content and are also getting a lot of engagement. This means that they are here to stay for a long time.

8. Live Streaming Videos Are Surging

In-persona experiences and in-person events have taken backstage since the pandemic. This is something that has led to an increase in the popularity of live streaming videos. Such videos serve as the most powerful tool businesses can connect with their customers.

Viewers watch the live videos three times longer in comparison to recorded videos. It is also worth noting that live content brings in six times more interactions than recorded videos.

So, it is clear that by embracing these videos in 2022, businesses can easily build engagement and even stand out among their competitors.


Videos will be sweeping through the different forms of marketing, promotions, and advertising by 2022. This year, video marketing will be an important marketing trend and will even take over some of the most in-demand promotional tools businesses have been using all these years.


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