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Approaches To Build Site Traffic And Tips That You Should Know

Increasing site traffic and consequently increasing site ranking is one of the biggest concerns of site owners. In this article, we will teach you the most important and principled strategies for success in this field from the admin site, and we will tell you the valuable points that will help you in this direction.

Starting a website is actually the first step and probably the most important step of an online business or an internet startup to succeed and thrive. But to be successful, you need to make sure your website is visible. When this discussion is in the middle, it means that we are talking about visiting or so-called website traffic. This is the first concern and desire of any online business owner who can increase their website traffic in various ways and ultimately increase their site ranking.

This time, we go to the topic of increasing site traffic and increasing site ranking, and we examine all aspects related to these issues. Then we will teach you all the methods and tips with which you can visit and increase the ranking of your site. Join the webmaster to get the most out of your internet business with the tips mentioned in this crucial article.

What exactly does it mean to get website traffic?

Before starting this topic, it is better to be fully acquainted with the basics of traffic discussion and site visits. In a very simple explanation that anyone can recite it, it can be said that gaining site traffic or traffic means when visitors and users enter your site. Each entry equals one visit. But each entry does not mean more than one visit. Visits are usually counted based on users’ IPs, and the main criterion for rankings is based on the same daily count.

By the way, these are not the only internet users that increase your instant website traffic; There are other robots and online tools that make such visits. This very simple definition, with its deceptive appearance, has caused a very common mistake to be made by today’s webmasters. Most of these people, even the most experienced people, put all their focus and energy in order to “earn a visit”. But as we have said many times, in the discussion of online marketing, the quantity will never take precedence over quality. This mindset that most webmasters are involved with is just a matter of attracting “visitors” and not “real visitors”, and this is why the ongoing efforts of these people do not work as well as they should.

With that said, your main focus should not be on the number of hits, but on the conversion rate. Of course, the more views you get, the better your chances of getting a conversion rate. In terms of online marketing, the conversion rate or Conversion Rate of users and visitors to the customer is said to be normal. So, all you have to do is focus on that. Otherwise, even if you have millions of views, there will be no benefit for you. Unless you are using a visitor to get a show order only.

Therefore, the issue before us is this; How can we make our website more attractive to visitors? In the following, we will deal with this issue and we will examine the appropriate strategies for researching this case.

What does increasing site ranking have to do with increasing site traffic?

After getting acquainted with the topic of site traffic and traffic, it is better to get acquainted with the topic of site ranking, another related topic that is very important to know. Although site rank is precisely related to site traffic and traffic; But the factors that increase the site ranking may not necessarily play a role in increasing site traffic.

You can greatly improve the ranking of your site by creating a suitable bed and earning daily visits. But since site ranking is a bit more complicated, you should consider other things besides the issues mentioned about increasing website traffic. In the following, and in the various sections mentioned in this article, methods for improving both are discussed.

As we said, the traffic sent to your website can be from human or robotic visitors. One of the most important bots that do this is Google’s well-known bots and algorithms that enter sites to review and analyze sites and rankings. Google is not the only source of these bots, and therefore among these bots, there is also malware to steal information or destroy parts of a site. This is why site security is one of the most important topics in internet marketing.

Some site owners think they have secured the site by clearing the issue and blocking bots from accessing the site. However, this will block the access of all bots, including Google bots, to the site, and as a result, the site in question will be removed from the ranking checklist, and no rankings will be included in that site. Make sure you do not make this mistake.

Sources of incoming traffic

If you, as an online business owner, have a good idea of what traffic channels are and how people visit your site, with much better ability and knowledge you can expand these channels and drive a lot more traffic to your site. do. The traffic received by a website is direct and indirect.

Direct traffic includes items that users enter your site directly and through their own will. This can be done quickly by entering your site’s domain address in browsers or by clicking on your site link in one of the available resources. But indirect traffic makes up the bulk of a site’s traffic and includes a lot more.

The following is a list of some of the most important types of hits that are referred to in online marketing as marketing channels:

·        Organic or natural visits

Visits made directly through search engine results pages or visits made by users’ clicks on a link to your site in non-advertising sources are known as natural traffic. For example, if a user searches for a word on Google and your site is displayed as a relevant result and that user clicks on your site link, you will receive a completely normal visit.

·        Referral visits

If the link of one of the pages of your site is placed as a reference link in another site and users click on it, it means that you received a normal visit and the so-called referral visit. Google ranks organic visits better for ranking sites because they are driven directly by the quality of your site content.

·         Click Advertising Hits (Search Engine Advertising)

Views click advertising or Pay Per Click and other types of advertising, just the opposite of normal hits. In this case, the traffic generated for your site is received through click-through ads or other similar ads. Needless to say, these ads and these visits are paid, and you will receive certain visits for a certain amount.

·         Video ad hits

There is another type of advertising visit called Display Traffic, which exposes your site to various sources and extensive ad networks. Although these ads are not as effective as click-through ads, their exclusive point is that these ads are displayed to any segment and any type of user who has visited the sites that contain your ads.

·         Visits from sales cooperation

There are also other types of hits as hits Affiliate or Affiliate Traffic has been named. In this type of traffic, any visit received through affiliate links, which can be provided by any service provider, is known as.

·         Social network visits

Social networks are one of the best places to share content. One of the applications of these networks for various businesses is to introduce their products and services in them. Visits that you earn through social media and clicks on content shared on these networks are known as social media visits.

·         Email visits

Another way to earn a visit is to visit the links sent to users in emails. By adding the links of the site pages in the text of the emails, the site traffic can be increased.

How to get traffic to our website?

Now that you are familiar with the basics of marketing channels, it is time to get into the main discussion and explore ways to get traffic to your website. We have said before that visits to a website include natural or promotional visits. The following is a list of all the proven ways in both categories.

Methods of obtaining natural traffic

In the first part, we will introduce the most important points and tutorials that increase organic visits. You do not need to spend a single rial to buy targeted traffic that converts using these strategies and earn a visit through them. You just have to patiently and persistently implement these methods in a standard and principled way to see the right result.

1. Launch a proper SEO campaign

Whether we like it or not the search engine optimization or SEO (SEO) is what can be the future of Internet commerce that affects us too much. Proper and appropriate attention to this issue is equal to increasing the site’s traffic and ranking and ignoring it will mean an undoubted failure. The SEO debate these days is not something that can be ignored.

The impact that SEO has on attracting visitors and visitors to your site is greater than the impact of any other type of advertising. So, if you apply this category correctly on your website and follow the principles of SEO well, you can register your site in the preliminary results of search engines without spending money and thus gain hundreds and thousands of daily visits. Do not forget that this way will bring you organic visits, and as we said before, natural visits have a much greater impact than unnatural and advertising visits.

SEO is a vast and mysterious topic that is very difficult to master under normal circumstances. We strongly recommend that you see the comprehensive and specialized article on SEO to become professionally familiar with this topic and learn important and effective tips to get the most out of it.

2. Improve the speed of your site

By optimizing the loading speed of the site, you increase the chances of more visits. When your site loads faster, users will be more satisfied with other pages of your site, and as a result, the traffic to other pages of your site will increase. Site speed optimization is also quite directly related to increasing site ranking, security as well as site SEO.

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