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6 Ways To Personalise A Funeral Service

By Cristiana , in General , at March 20, 2023

Funerals are a time for sorrow and remembrance, but they can also be a time for you and your loved ones to show your love and honour a well-lived life. A personalised funeral service can make the experience more meaningful for friends and family while also starting the healing process for those close to the deceased.

You can do many small things to ensure your loved one is appropriately sent off. In this article, we’ll look at six ways to personalise a funeral service to leave a lasting memory for friends and loved ones, with the help of a local funeral home in Melbourne.

  1. Incorporate Their Interests And Personality 

Everyone has a uniqueness worth celebrating, especially when reflecting on one’s life. Consider incorporating these elements into their funeral if you have the chance. 

This could be a favourite colour, personal items, or a hobby in which they were deeply involved. By including them, you share with those who come to mourn what was most important to your loved one’s heart and a deeper understanding of who they were as an individual.

If your loved one enjoyed painting, crafts or had a unique talent, finding a way to showcase them after they’ve passed can be a fantastic way to remember them. Putting up a display of their work is an excellent way to commemorate their life and share how special they were with friends who might have been unaware of their artistry.

  1. Setting The Atmosphere

When asked, most people would prefer that their friends and family be happy and celebrate their life at their funeral rather than having a sombre, solemn occasion.

Because a funeral service has certain connotations, consider the overall tone you want to present when planning the service, as your decisions will influence how you and your guests behave. The lighting, floral decorations, and dress code will all indicate whether the service will be an intimate affair or more upbeat.

Funeral attire, in particular, can significantly impact how the service is perceived. If a loved one had a favourite colour, you could request that guests dress in that colour for the funeral. You could also request that guests avoid wearing black or dark colours to create a more festive atmosphere.

  1. Stories, Memories, and Eulogies

Sharing stories about holidays, adventures, and humorous anecdotes can leave a lasting impression at a funeral service and provide comfort for other friends and family members. It’s also okay to get emotional over your speech; there’s no doubt everyone will understand.

If you can, try and get their closest friends to share a fond memory they had with the deceased. It can help shine a light on a different side of your loved one and be a therapeutic process for everyone involved.

For those willing to share their memories of the deceased but more subtly, you can try incorporating a memory board for guests to write about their stories. For a more curated affair, you can gather those closest to the deceased and compile a short list of stories and memories you can share in the order of service.

  1. Choosing A Location

Most funeral services are usually held in a place of worship or a non-religious chapel. They are often the ideal location if your loved one has strong religious beliefs or if you know they prefer a more traditional funeral setting.

These days, however, there’s no reason you can’t have a unique funeral service in a modern location, and there are a variety of affordable funeral service locations on offer. Locales such as private gardens, beaches, or even your home are valid locations to host a funeral service. You can even host an eco-friendly funeral in Melbourne at a green burial ground near you. 

  1. Music And Media

Music, pictures, and videos can be an excellent way to add personality to a funeral service for more modern funeral services. When it comes to music, you can ask for a loved one’s favourite song or playlist to be played during their funeral service or even at their wake.

Furthermore, videos and photo albums can be a simple yet expressive way to preserve a loved one’s memory. You can easily accomplish this with a slideshow or video montage, which can accompany your favourite song.

  1. Add Your Own Special Touch To The Service

Apart from the big-picture decisions, there are also plenty of more minor ways you can personalise a funeral service that can leave a lasting impression on your guests and loved ones. 

Perhaps you may try and incorporate something other than a limo for transport or have a small funeral gift available for attendees. When making a personalised contemporary funeral service, your imagination is the limit.

How You Can Achieve A Personalised Funeral Service

We hope these suggestions have given you some ideas for planning a meaningful and memorable service in memory of a loved one. If you require any additional assistance in personalising and planning your loved one’s funeral, do contact your local funeral home in Melbourne.


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