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3 Safety Tips for Women

By Cristiana , in General , at January 1, 2021

Do you often find yourself walking alone? Do you want to make sure that you are safe at all times? One of the most vital parts of being safe is being prepared. Following these safety tips will help you feel more confident and will make you less likely to be seen as a good candidate to be victimized.

1. Arm Yourself

However you choose to arm yourself, your first step is ensuring that what you have chosen is legal in your state. Ways to arm yourself could include tasers, pepper spray, firearms, or retractable batons. If you are allowed to carry concealed firearms, consider choosing concealed carry holsters for women services to find the best holster for you. Regardless of what weapon you choose as protection, you must take classes to learn how to use it safely.

2. Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Predators frequently use surroundings to trick you. One often-used way to grab women is to park a “normal” looking van next to the driver’s side of your car. Then, when you open your car door, they open the van door and pull you in. If you return to your vehicle and see a flat tire, return to the restaurant or store you came from and call for help. Be aware of anyone who comes up to offer their service unsolicited. Finally, if you leave a building at night, don’t be afraid to ask for a security guard to walk you out.

3. Always Be Aware

When walking out to your car, avoid tasks that can take your attention away from what is happening around you. If you’re scrolling through texts, you will likely make an easier target than someone who is paying full attention. If someone is following you or is making you uncomfortable, look them in the eyes. Doing so is a sign of power and is a strong signal that you could identify them if necessary.


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