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Which factors in Kundali influence your decision of getting married?

By Cristiana , in General , at April 7, 2021

Marriage is one of the most important ceremonies in each and every person’s life. It is possible that every culture has its different and own ways to celebrate this ceremony but, it does not bring any kind of difference in the importance if this ceremony. It is the wish of each and every parent that their child settles in his or her life and have children etc and starting of all these things are said to be after marriage because it is said that this ceremony brings drastic changes in each and every person life it is said that they start to live whole new life it does not matter that person does love marriage or arrange marriage. It brings changes because, after marriage, the person starts to learn different lessons of life like the importance of family, responsibilities, etc. It is said that the decision of marriage is depending on many factors of astrology. And with the help of astrological remedies, you can have blissful and healthy married life.

Best time to get married:-

The Cause of marriage is whole integrated or linked with different aspects of astrology and in this matter of knowing the best time to get married, there is the involvement of all arts of the Vedic astrology. It starts with the art of Kundali. Kundali is such an art which includes different house numbered and on the base of those house different decisions is being taken on any matter of your life and in this matter of marriage it is said that the 7th house of your is being considered in order to know the best time. In order to know the best time, you need your 7th house strong in your kundali which will show you significator and this will also show you that the planet of Venus is favorable and the Venus is the planet of love and marriage. And if this planet is strong it means you can surely marry.

And some points which you should consider before your taking time are provided below:-

  • It is said that this matter of marriage is highly dependent on astrology. So, if you are looking for the time then you should give first priority to the Yoga for marriage if it is present then you can marry any period of time.
  • It is said that the placement of the 5th house in your Kundali is extremely important in this matter of knowing the accurate and good time period of the marriage.
  • Rahu is also playing a very important role in this cause of the time of your marriage and due to this reason, it is very important the study of Rahu planet should be made very efficiently.
  • According to the point of view of Kundali house of 1st, 5th, and 9th and their lords plays a very important role in this matter of knowing time period for your marriage.

So, these are some points based on Kundali which affect your decision related to marriage.


Love is said to be one of the important factors in each and every marriage. In order to any marriage, last love is the sole thing which most primary need. Marriage is considered as a gate between two different journeys because, marriage is said to be the end of the journey of love and on the side, it also becomes an endless journey of which love is a very important constant. And due to this reason, it is said that love is the most important factor in order to last the marriage. And this factor is also responsible for different reasons like problems and clashes but, it is said that sometimes problems make a relationship stronger.

So, this was the information about love being a part of your marriage decision.

Planets which predict Love or Arranged Marriage in Janam Kundli

  • Venus: As mentioned above the Venus is the planet of love and marriage and due to this reason, no marriage or love relationship is possible without the blessings of this planet. This planet is playing role in each and every marriage and love-related thing.
  • Rahu: Rahu is such a planet that is present at each and every point of your life. This planet plays the role of desire bringer in this point of marriage and it is also considered that these planets are the most important planet after the planet of Venus.
  • Moon: Moon is said to be such a planet which is having control over people’s minds which is being considered as one of the most important parts of love and marriage.

So, this was the information that will help you in your decision related to marriage. If you are in need of any kind of help or guidance related to marriage or love you can always contact to Love Problem Specialist in Ahmedabad because he is the only astrologer who can help you in this situation of your life according to our survey for the year 2021.

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