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What is a wooden sword called?

By Cristiana , in Design , at January 28, 2021

Many of you may not be aware of the wooden sword and that is the reason why we get questions like what is a wooden sword called or what is it used for. This informative article here will explain every aspect of this sword in detail.

As you all know that swords had been in use for quite a long time. They had been one of the most important weapons of warriors in the past. The ideal sword had a metal blade fixed on top of a handle that came with a hilt to increase control over the weapon.

Like today, people in the past practiced a lot to gain command over their skills. They practiced their skills with weapons and even without them. The wooden swords were one common type of practice weapons that were used throughout different nations that existed back then.

The purpose behind the creation of the wooden swords was to give warriors something safe to practice with. As the swords were not harmful at all due to their wood, warriors around the world used them to practice their fighting skills.

Types of the Practice Swords

The wooden swords are known by many names such as the training and practice swords. They come in many different styles that reflect the cultures of the past. Following are some of the wooden fighting swords that you will find at weapon places:

  • Kung Fu/ Martial Arts Sword

The kung fu and the martial arts swords take their inspiration from China and Japan. Warriors in these regions used a special kind of sword that had a curved blade and was known as the katana. You get to buy the wooden look-alike of the exact weapon. Bokken is another weapon that is quite popular and has a unique look. The Asia warriors also used it for combat and you get to buy it too in wooden form.

  • Medieval Weapons

The medieval period is one amazing time period of the past known for its battles, famous kings and knights, and also for its weapons.  Excalibur, the King Arthur sword, William Wallace’s sword, and many more date back to this glorious time period of the past. The amazing thing is that you get to buy all of them in wooden forms. You can have them for collection or for self defense needs.

  • Other Swords

Apart from the above mentioned swords, you get to buy many other training swords. You get to buy Greek and Roman swords. You get to buy simple weapons based on modern touches and you also get to buy fantasy type swords that you only imagine of or may have seen them in movies or video games. All swords from this collection are totally safe due to the wood used in making them. They all can be used for various things which are discussed in the sections to follow.

Why You need a wooden sword?

One question that people ask a lot is why they need to buy a wooden sword. Well, the answer is simple and that is you need to buy the wooden sword to learn how to use the weapon before moving on to the actual weapon.

The practice blades are not only made up of wood, rather you will also find some made out of plastic and foam. The plastic and foam ones prove to be best for young kids who love playing around with swords. If you have a child that insists on buying them swords, you can buy them these are they totally safe.

The reason why you should be buying these is that they are totally safe. You can practice freely with them and kids can freely play with them. You will not have to worry about getting anyone or yourself injured with these swords.

Uses of the Wooden Practice Sword

Not many people know but the fact of the moment is that the wooden practice sword can be used in several ways. The very first use of the weapon is that of practice. With the wooden weapon, you can imitate the styles of your favorite heroes in an easy manner.

You can practice with a friend or you can practice your skills against a dummy. Practicing the use is one thing but you can also record yourself while doing so. After recording, you can go on to post the video online and can give tutorials in the same manner as well.

Collecting is another thing that you can opt for doing with the swords. As the swords reflect different times of the past, you can go on to collect them and can create a collection out of them. You can even gift them to kids because they are totally safe to play around with.

Finally, one thing that can be done with the swords is to be used as props for movies and cosplay events. You can use them to train for a movie scene and you can also use them for shooting movie scenes.

Get the Best Sword Today

With all that knowledge given, it should be very easy for you to acquire the best sword for yourself. All swords are good in quality, are totally safe, and come at low prices. Yes, you read that right all words come at minimal prices which makes it easy for you to buy them.

You can buy the wholesale swords in bulk units and can resell them for a profit or you can go on to purchase a single piece just for yourself. Whatever you do, you will be the one benefitting from the amazing weapon.

The swords can be bought from online places like Paknives that even offer deliveries or you can physically shop them from places around you. They are very much in demand and that is why you should be buying them right away. Now that you know what is a wooden sword called, it’s time to grab them and begin training with them.


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