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Types and Functions of Magnetic Stirrers

By Cristiana , in Technology , at October 16, 2021

The use of a magnetic stirrer is to mix samples for testing and research laboratories. The device helps to create consistent results in experiments. It is best to learn how the device works to get the best results.

Types of Magnetic Stirrer

  • Battery-powered magnetic stirrers: These stirrers use batteries; thus, they are the best choice for places without electricity.
  • Heavy-duty magnetic stirrer: These stirrers have high mixing capability and are durable.
  • Air Operated turbine magnetic stirrer: This stirrer mixes solution up to one liter, and it’s best for preventing sparking dangers from electrical sources.
  • Magnetic stirrer with timer: The advantage of this device is that it automatically shuts down after the set time.
  • Magnetic mini stirrer: This device has an electronic control, which regulates speed. It is durable and highly resistant to corrosive substances.

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Benefits of Magnetic Stirrer

Used for Chemistry and Biology Experiments

The primary use of magnetic stirrers is to conduct chemical and biological experiments. Whether using a solid or biological sample, the stirrer will mix your samples and give you a consistent mixture. The choice of magnetic stirrer will depend on the volume of the liquid and viscosity.

Reduces Contamination

The commonly used laboratory samples are hazardous to humans. When mixing such solutions, only the submersible stirrers will come into contact with the ingredients. This protects the user from dangerous chemicals.

Rapid Spin Rate

Mixing samples manually takes time, and the results may not be pleasing. The stirrers use high speed when mixing solutions. However, the speed depends on the type of the stirrer and the viscosity. If you want to adjust the speed, stirrers come with software to adjust the speed.

There are various types of magnetic stirrers in the market. Choose the type that fits your needs and enjoy benefits such as high speed and contamination prevention. Check online for the best quality stirrers that are durable and easy to handle.

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