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Top Five PC Spy Software

By Cristiana , in Technology , at January 30, 2021 Tags:

The use of PC spy software is increasingly sought by parents and employers for many reasons.

The increased criminal activities targeted on kids are the point of concern for the parents, whereas, the productivity issues, hacking and cyber threats to business devices count in for the use of monitoring software for computers.

Risks and threats to businesses that guide the use of pc spy software

Less productivity of employees

The productivity of employees is the most vital concern of employers for the continuity of their business. A number of employees start involving in time killing activities during working hours that badly affect their performance, ultimately affecting the business standing.

Hacking attempts to steal sensitive information

The hackers attempt to breach the security firewall of the businesses to steal sensitive information and customer data; this is needed to be coped with in an efficient manner using spy software.

Cyber attacks on business devices

Cyber attacks take place on the businesses most commonly due to the careless use of business devices.

When employees negligently use business computers for meeting their personal commitments, cyber criminals and attackers find their way into the business computers and harm the business interest.

Breach of business secrets

It is observed in some cases that a few employees look to damage the business interest out of personal differences and grudges with the employer. So, using pc spy software, this risk can be negated.

Risks and threats to kids that guide the use of pc spy software

The most common issues that kids face due to the excessive use of digital networks are

  • Cyber predating
  • Sex offending
  • Harassment
  • Cyber bullying


So, the idea of the parents and employers is to use pc spy software that can actively monitor each and every bit of communication taking place over the target computer.

Let’s discuss top five ps spy solutions for monitoring employees and kids.

  1. TheOneSpy

The best solution that truly lives up the essence of computer monitoring is TheOneSpy. It furnishes features that are truly out of the box in all aspects.

They are above and beyond in all aspects. The software can be installed on the target computer after purchasing a subscription.

The app provides below-mentioned features

  • Website blocking to restrict access to certain unsuitable websites
  • Mighty alarms notifying of access to the restricted tab
  • Productive and unproductive tabs
  • Surround recording feature
  • Screen recording function to record live activities
  • Keylogger to identify password of installed apps on computer
  • Allows reading emails and viewing entire internal storage
  • Spies on browsing history and other browser functions
  1. OgyMogy

The second best option in this aspect is OgyMogy. It is primarily aimed at providing parenting services, but the employee monitoring solution is equally good for usage. It is highly recommended and acknowledged by its existing users.

The salient features include

  • Activity log of all activities
  • Mic bug to record surroundings
  • Real-time reports of all the happenings
  • Tracking GPS location of the target device
  • Website blocking to protect businesses and kids
  • Viewing images and videos saved in the computer


  1. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is a fine computer monitoring solution that records all the activities of the kids and employers on the computer screen, whether online or offline.

The key features of the pc spy software include

  • Tracks USB connections and data transfer
  • Monitor networks bandwidth
  • Monitor all file transfers
  • Tracking all installed applications
  • Keystrokes identifier
  • Views all the emails


  1. XnSpy

It is one of the fine monitoring solutions that serves all the spying needs of parents and employers. Using this solution, parents can protect their kids from the issues of harassment, cyber bullying. Whereas employers can work to protect their businesses from any potential threats.

The salient features include

Tracking GPS location of the device can be identified

Allows marking productive and unproductive tabs

Monitor network connections and data shared over the network

  1. WebWatcher

It is a fine pc spy software that furnishes a number of features, a few of them are mentioned below

Allows to prescribe alert word, upon the usage of the same word, the software captures screenshot

Allows blocking number of websites

Identifies password


The significance of using pc spy software is discussed for parents and employers. It is found that TheOneSpy, OgyMogy, FlexiSpy, XnSpy, WebWatcher are top five pc monitoring solutions.


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