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Setting Up a Store Name That Grabs Attention

By Cristiana , in Business , at July 30, 2021

Coming up with a name for a store used to depend on two things: did the owner of the business want it named after himself, or should the store name be associated with what was being sold? 

Prior to the internet, store names that appealed to their market broadcasted a particular message. Examples like Toys R Us, State Farm Insurance, American Airlines, and similar all inferred or outright displayed a marketing point about what was being sold. 

The same can’t be said for today. Zappos, for example, is not what people automatically think of as a word for shoes, even though the name is a play on the Spanish word for shoes, “zapatos”. However, in the digital e-commerce markets, Zappos is synonymous with shoes for customers and consumers familiar with their products. So, the rules have changed, creating a need for a store name generator, like what Namify offers companies. 

Be Responsive to Your Target Market

There are a lot of potential consumers out there for a service or product. However, using a store name generator blindly won’t help suddenly convert them all into buyers. A store name needs to be relatable to a target market. 

Consumers are most likely to actually buy the given product or service because it solves a need they have. It needs to have value to them. So, the name chosen should have meaning as well as a personal connection to buyers. While small business owners like store names that are relatable to their own personal interests care should be taken whether the name makes sense to potential customers as well. 

Simple is Good

Simple store names are a smart approach, even with powerful creation tools like Namify. They are easy to remember, easy to find, and folks can tap them into mobile devices quickly. The human brain, on average, remembers about seven numbers immediately and a similar number of letters. With one or two syllables, a store name has the perfect mix. Anything bigger and things start to get a bit complicated as people then have to write things down. Short-term memory just doesn’t stick as well.

Watch Out for Translations

The classic mistake by Chevrolet naming one of its cars Nova is regularly taught in business school. While Nova in the 1970s gave a sense of being in space or stellar in English, it essentially meant “no go” in Spanish. That was not quite what the carmaker was hoping for since Chevy cars did get sold in Latin America as well. If a store name idea has any risk of being interpreted the wrong way, change it. Otherwise, you could be blocking out a viable part of a potential market by accident. 

Using Digital Tools That Cover Multiple Market Aspects

It may very well be that the store being named at the moment is only a physical one, i.e. brick and mortar. However, down the road, things could change, and the same business may want to set up an Internet platform for e-commerce as well. 

Imagine how frustrating it would be trying to set up a website, only to find out the store’s name is not available as a domain. Instead, it has to be bought for an expensive price from someone having nothing to do with the business! This kind of digital nightmare happens all the time. So, when using a store name generator like Namify’s tool, make sure to use one that checks for an available Internet domain as well or follow-up with a domain search manually. It’s worth the trouble to know ahead of time. 

Further, if that domain name is free, snap it up. A $10 domain fee is nothing compared to having to buy a name after the fact from someone smart enough to know it is in demand later.


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