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RV Storage: How to Put Away Your Home on Wheels

By Cristiana , in General , at June 23, 2023

The prospect of having your home on wheels for most of the year can be exciting, but how do you pack everything away each time you go?

Many people don’t plan their RV storage, with many preferring to head out without entirely storing their rigs. While you can choose not to keep your RV, it’s a much more daunting task if you’re one of the people who must get it away quickly.

So, how do you pack away your RV? We’ll give you all the information you need below.

Install Security Cameras

This will create a perimeter around your RV. This allows you to monitor activities and know who may be coming and going near your RV.

Surveillance cameras come in various models, so research and find the best option based on your budget and needs. Also, consider where you’ll be installing them; this should be a place with good visibility.

Ensure to secure and harden your cameras properly. They will be less vulnerable to being moved, disabled, or having access credentials by an unauthorized person. Proper installation of the cameras is also necessary to ensure that records of incidents are captured.

Lastly, consider adding a motion sensor or alarm for added security. These steps will help ensure your RV is safe and secure while being stored.

GPS Tracking Device

This device easily connects to your vehicle’s computer port. It provides complete tracking of your home on wheels by providing real-time reports, including its exact location, no matter where you store it.

As a bonus, you will be the first to receive alert notifications if the vehicle is moved without permission. This will allow you to take action, if necessary, quickly.

With a GPS Tracking Device, you can rest easy knowing that your precious home on wheels is monitored closely wherever it is stored. This ensures it is secure and safe when not used.

Adding Wheel Locks

Wheel locks are easy to install and provide an additional layer of security that can help protect your RV against theft and vandalism. Wheel locks can also help prevent RV movement. This allows you to keep it in one place without worry.

Also, wheel locks can make your RV easier to move when preparing for a trip. They can also help keep your towing equipment from being damaged or stolen when you’re not around. With wheel locks, you can ensure your home on wheels is safe and secure.

Remove All Perishables 

Removing all perishables in the kitchen, refrigerator, and cupboards is essential when storing your RV. Items such as food, condiments, leftovers, and even cleaning supplies should be disposed of before you shut the doors.

Empty the refrigerator of any perishable items and turn it off, unplugging it as needed. Check the cupboards for things that should be disposed of and make sure everything is cleaned and wiped down.

Without proper cleaning, mold, and mildew can accumulate and cause costly damage. Once food and other perishables are out of the RV, you can be sure that pests and animals won’t be welcomed in the RV while stored away.

Cover All Furniture

Cover all furniture inside and outside in durable vinyl or cloth covers to keep it safe from the elements. Check the covers periodically to make sure they are intact.

Also, regularly inspect the storage unit and its items for signs of water damage or pests. Store any RV equipment and supplies in resilient, weather-resistant bins and containers. Lastly, check and tightly close the storage unit door or latch, and ensure it is secure before departure.

Check out this Apex Storage site if you are looking for camper storage. They are created to satisfy your specific storage requirements, offering different sizes of personal storage at a fantastic price.

Remove Your Battery for the Winter

An essential part of RV storage is removing the batteries for the winter. To get started, you must first find your batteries. In most cases, your batteries will be located near the front of the RV, hidden in a compartment, or under the hood.

When you locate your batteries, remove the power lines attached to each. Disconnecting the battery isolator is recommended to keep the power from running between storms.

Once done, store the batteries offsite during the winter. This will maintain the battery’s voltage and keep them safe from any potentially costly damage due to extreme temperature changes. Store them in a relaxed, dry environment away from direct sunlight.

Add Fuel Stabilizer

When storing an RV, the product keeps the fuel from forming gums that could clog filters and corrode engine components. It’s very effective for short-term and long-term energy storage up to 24 months. Adding a fuel stabilizer is one of the most straightforward and essential steps in preparing your RV for storage.

First, ensure your RV is clean, and then fill the fuel tank to prevent condensation from forming. After this, turn off the battery and drain the water system. Then add the fuel stabilizer as instructed on the product label before fueling up again.

Once these steps are taken, your RV should be ready to be put away for storage. Adding this extra step will ensure your home on wheels is ready whenever you want to hit the road again.

Change Your Oil

Change your oil regularly to ensure your RV’s engine performs efficiently and correctly. Start by changing the oil when you’re done with your camping trip. Ensure the machine is excellent before removing the oil pan and using a large container to catch the old oil properly.

Choose a high-quality oil and ensure it meets industry standards for your RVs engine. Install a new oil filter and slowly fill the warm engine with the new oil. Check for oil leaks and take your RV for a test drive. A preventative maintenance schedule can help extend its life and keep it road-worthy. 

Follow These RV Storage Tips

Proper RV storage can significantly extend the life of your home on wheels. The key is ensuring everything is secure and clean before stowing it away. Whether keeping it in your driveway or opting for an offsite lot, taking the time to store your RV adequately will pay off.

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