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Medical Sonography: A Clear Picture of What It’s Like to Work in This Field

By Cristiana , in Health , at March 1, 2023

The average salary of a diagnostic medical sonographer is around $77,000.

If you’re interested in getting into the medical field, this is a great occupation that has many benefits.

But what does working in medical sonography entail? Keep reading to find out of this type of job is the one for you!

What Is Medical Sonography?

Medical sonography is also known as ultrasound technology. It’s a rapidly growing field in the healthcare industry.

They will use high-frequency sound waves to create images inside the body. This can help physicians treat and diagnose different medical conditions.

What Does a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Do?

A diagnostic medical sonographer will normally work in a clinic or hospital, and they work in a room that doesn’t have much lighting. This makes it easier to see the images.

Some sonographers will go to a patient’s bedside if the patient can’t get up, but most of them will work in a sonography department in a hospital.

A sonographer will try to make patients more comfortable and inform them of the procedure while it’s going on. They’ll also work to create a clear image of the point of care ultrasound.

There are some specialties with sonography, like pediatric, vascular, cardiac, and abdominal.

Job Responsibilities

As a sonographer, your primary job will be to operate the ultrasound equipment and conduct the procedures. The ultrasound will create images of the internal body parts, like blood vessels, organs, and tissues.

In addition to operating the equipment and performing the ultrasound, a sonographer will also be responsible for communicating with physicians, providing comfort to patients, and maintaining patient records.

Benefits of Industry

This can be an extremely rewarding career, professionally and personally. You’ll know that you’re helping people get the right treatment, and you can help comfort them throughout the procedure.

This job also is growing rapidly, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the demand will grow even more. They also earn a competitive salary, as we mentioned early.

Another benefit of this job is that you’ll get more flexibility. They can work in various healthcare settings, including a hospital, private practice, or emergency clinic. This can give you the work-life balance and flexible schedule that you’re looking for.

How to Get a Job

If this field sounds like something that is right for you, there are many accredited programs that will help you meet the requirements for this job. An accredited program is the best way to get into this field, but you can choose other routes as well.

For example, a vocational school offers training, but they also don’t have the same requirements that you’ll need to pass the certification. You’ll also need to have some hands-on training.

Learn More About Medical Sonography

These are only a few things to know about working in medical sonography, but there are many more benefits to working in the healthcare field.

If you still don’t think this job is right for you, there are many other opportunities in the healthcare field.

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