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How To Become a Registered Nurse in Australia?

By Adam Clark , in Health , at January 28, 2021

Becoming a nurse is rewarding. You get to treat patients and care for them in the best manner possible. Besides, it offers different challenges every day to grow in your career with time. You can work as a registered nurse to build a reputation as a credible medical professional.

With the increase in the aging population and a dire need for chronic care, the healthcare sector is booming. If you are looking for rural GP jobs, you’ll find several options, same as the demand for nurses; there is an increasing demand for Registered Nurses (RNs) in Australia due to the rising number of medical facilities in the country.

If you’re interested in becoming a registered nurse in Australia, it is certainly the best time to step forward and make a career for yourself.

What is a registered nurse?

Registered nurses work along with skilled professionals, such as doctors, surgeons, therapists, and physiotherapists. They play a key role in attending to every kind of patients daily. Given the severity and seriousness of the job, they’re required to play a versatile role in contributing to the healthcare department at large. Many rural GP jobs in New South Wales (NSW) demand candidates to possess interpersonal skills to attend to patients with different medical backgrounds.

A registered nurse observes and records patients’ behaviour, administers medical tasks, performs diagnostic tests, and establishes treatment plans to support the patients’ needs. Apart from these tasks, a registered nurse assists in operational tasks, including postoperative care, alongside maintaining medical records and prepping up for medical emergencies.

A registered nurse can plan a further study on subjects; such as mental health, aged care, surgical nursing, community health, rehabilitation, and intensive care.

How to become a registered nurse? 

As an aspiring nursing candidate, you’re required to complete a three-year Bachelor of Nursing from any Australian university. You need to over 17 years of age to become a nurse and should have completed the HSC with the Universities Admission Index (UAI).

Many universities in Australia offer 3-years, full-time nursing courses, or part-time registered burse courses. If you’ve applied for a registered nurse course, you will be provided with both theoretical as well as clinical experience to make you learn different aspects of the job. It gives you work experience in surgical and medical wards, along with offering an opportunity to work inside operation theaters, mental health units, and aged care facilities.

To enrich your experience right from the beginning, you can practice in various simulation laboratories under the professional guidance of university educators. It will help you understand the job so that you can explore your career prospects further.

Upon completing the nursing courses, you need to apply to the Australian Health Practitioner Agency (AHPRA) to practice as a registered nurse. Employers consider the multi-disciplinary aspect as an important factor while providing rural GP jobs and nursing jobs in Australia.

In case you are unable to get through any university to apply for a nursing course, you can consider the Diploma of Nursing as an alternate option. It helps you become an enrolled nurse in Australia.

Nursing is a rewarding career for many who look out for challenges in their careers. As you explore more about nursing, you can always apply for a job if you have already completed your degree.

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