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A Beginner’s Guide to CNC Machines

By Cristiana , in Technology , at October 28, 2021

Computer numerical control or CNC machines are used in practically every industry around the world. They can cut hard materials like metal, wood and plastics. CNC machines have lowered the cost of goods and increased living standards due to their accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness.

What Are CNC Machines?

To be classified as a CNC machine, the operating device must include some sort of command input, a motion system that propels the cutting tool and the ability to detect and report feedback. A CNC machine’s most basic function is to create a shape out of hard material using a computer program.

How Do They Operate?

A CNC machine needs instructions to operate. Designs that were made on CAD or other design software are inputted into the machine operating system. The machine reads the design and cuts out the desired piece. Some CNC machines specialize in performing one function, while others can work with multiple tools and cutting materials. Some types of CNC machines include routers, milling machines, plasma cutters and even 3D printing. 3D printing machines will create physical components using small layers of instantly hardened liquid instead of cutting material.

Best Maintenance Procedures

Specialists in CNC machines require technical knowledge in metal-working and programming to successfully use the tool. It’s best to have a CNC machining manufacturer Pittsburgh PA on call if your machine encounters any issues. Even the most basic CNC machines are incredibly complex and have a lot of moving parts. Some companies will offer you service agreements if you are a commercial user and always need repairs and parts available.

Most industries utilize CNC machines in some capacity. If you struggle with production or use out-of-date equipment, you may want to upgrade to a CNC machine. It can cut production costs, produce more accurate results and speed up the manufacturing process. Contact a distributor today to learn more.


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