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Foreign Exchange in India All You Need To Know

By Cristiana , in General , at June 20, 2022

India has been known to be one of the largest foreign-exchange reservoirs. From cash holdings to bank deposits to bonds to other financial assets in the form other than the Indian rupee, there are a lot of forex reserves in the country. The Indian Government has authorized the RBI to manage all such reserves where the key component is foreign currency assets. Forex in India has been treated as a controlled commodity owing to its limited availability. The nascent state of the forex management in India was extremely focused on regulating the exchange- from demand to supply. To deal with any discrepancies, exchange control was introduced on September 3, 1939, temporarily. Later, in 1947, Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) came into existence that ensured statutory power for exchange control. This was later replaced by the more integrated Foreign Exchange Regulation Act,1973 which was the key driver to RBI’s empowerment. This act not only empowered RBI but the Central Government’s functioning of controlling and regulating forex payments outside India, export, and import of currency notes, acquisition- be it of foreign securities or immovable property within or outside the country- in terms of other transactions. 


Now the latest buzz across the world is about selling foreign currency online which is anyways quite challenging in offline mode. From a leisure trip or business trip to international lands, foreign currency exchange is quite important. Once back from any trip, everybody should release their precious money by selling forex. Without selling your extra foreign currency, your money is blocked. We have brought you this narrative to help you get full knowledge of foreign exchange woes. These woes should be kept in mind while going anywhere around the globe. 


When the world is digitizing at such a rapid pace-buying and selling of the grocery or gold come at our fingertips then why not selling forex could be so effortless. Many platforms such as Thomas Cook’s online forex could help you to buy forex online and sell forex online accordingly. For the process, all you need to do is log into the Thomas Cook website, enter the currency details, and place the best price as per the forex rate online. The portal provides you with the luxury to buy or sell forex online without any hassles. One can also utilize one’s forex card for the whole procedure. 


One of the most modern and latest novel initiatives- Prune has introduced a reliable Fx- retail platform where one can easily place an order of dollars and all other foreign currencies against INR. 

To initiate the transaction process, the beneficiary needs to log in to After you fill in the mandatory details, the information will be shared with your respective brand. This system has made buy and sell forex online quite easily, giving the commonalities transparency as well as margin in the fee structure. The actual delivery will occur through the bank that comes at quite a cost-effective currency exchange rate. 

 Prune Forex- which we mentioned above- is one of the most sophisticated and reliable Platforms for all your forex exchange needs. You can buy or sell your currency, prepaid forex card and also remit with the Prune’s assistance and can reload them from time to time. The overall process is quite cost-effective where currency exchange could be ensured via different modes. We suggest you consider Prune which strives to deliver you the retail forex solutions. It comes at the cheapest rates allowing you to save a lot from your retail purchase. The beneficiary could Book one’s rates 24×7 where the whole online process is safe with an end-to-end online processing service. For hassle-free online forex, Prune has got your back. 

To get more in-depth knowledge of the forex transaction process, stay tuned to us as we come up with our weekly blogs to keep you updated on the latest information. 



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