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Do you feel like a man lyrics

By Cristiana , in General , at February 16, 2022

The Do You Feel Like a Man lyrics are a great way to tell a woman that she’s the man of her dreams. The song was written by Peter Rowan and recorded by Ricky Skaggs. It was released in August 1985 and reached the top seven on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart by December. It was also included in Twain’s Greatest Hits package in 2004.

The lyrics are very relatable and can be interpreted in many different ways. The first verse of the song is about a girl named Nikki. The song goes on to talk about having sex with her and ditching Mary for her. It’s clear that the relationship is unhealthy and toxic for both of them, but there’s more to the story. Logic had been smoking marijuana and was addicted to nicotine. He wanted to kick that habit and this is where the “Man! I Feel Like a Man” lyrics come in.

The lyrics are a great way to show that a woman is not alone. Logic takes the listener through the song, making them think that it’s about a girl. In the chorus, he talks about having sex with Nikki and ditching Mary for her. The lyrics speak about a toxic relationship. It also speaks about a man’s nicotine addiction, which he cured by giving up smoking pot.

The “Man! I Feel Like a Man” lyric has several meanings. It can be related to many situations. It can be about a relationship that has broken down, or it can be about the loss of a parent. It can also apply to a situation where a woman has been left behind by their girlfriend. But what’s the point of this song? The answer is a lot of different things.

It’s important to know what makes you angry. This song can be about any situation where you’re feeling lethargic. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll feel better when you listen to it. This song is a great choice to help you cope with anger and other negative emotions. You can learn the chords and the lyrics by practicing. There is no better way to feel better than singing this song!

The song’s chorus, “Man! I Feel Like a Man!,” is a great anthem for any relationship. The lyrics of “Do You Feel Like a Woman” are universally applicable to various scenarios, including relationships. However, they’re not just applicable to romantic situations. The song could also apply to situations where a woman has been left by her parents, or a father who has been abandoned by his partner.

The Do You Feel Like a Man lyric is a perfect song for any relationship. The chorus has a very powerful message, but you need to be careful. This isn’t a song for men! It’s a song for women! So, it’s a great way to express how you’re feeling! This is the perfect time to show your feelings. But, don’t let anyone get angry.

The Do You Feel Like a Man lyrics are a great way to show how much a woman means to you. The words are incredibly powerful and can be applied to different situations. You can use the do you feel like a man lyric to show a woman that you’re a strong, independent woman. You can even use it to help a young boy feel good. If you want to learn more about this song, try it out.

The Do You Feel Like a Man lyric has a powerful message. It is a song about love and passion and the power of music. This song has a unique hook and is a great choice for any romantic relationship. If you want to sing along, do you feel like a man and sing it for a woman. This will make your woman cry with joy and delight! If you’ve been longing for your man for a long time, you’ll be glad you did.


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