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Cant Fit Deez Nuts In Your Mouth Meme

By Cristiana , in General , at February 22, 2022

A funny meme that has spread through social media is “you can’t fit deez nuts in your mouth!” It started after an Instagram video posted by WelvenDaGreat was viewed over 58,000 times in a month. Since then, other comedians have made their own versions of the joke, and the joke has remained unabated. In fact, the phrase has gained such popularity that a U.S. presidential candidate named himself “Deez Nuts.”

The original joke came from a 1992 Dr. Dre skit, “Deez Nuts.” This song became an internet meme and quickly exploded. While the song itself is not a popular hit, it has become an icon for a whole new generation of people. The lyrics of the song are now famous songs, and you can find the music video of the skit on YouTube. In 2014, the Internet comedian Welvin Harris made a version of the joke that went viral, resulting in a countless amount of retweets.

The phrase “deez nuts” is an old internet joke that has become a viral trend on Tik Tok. It refers to a man’s crown jewels. Originally, the phrase originated in a 1992 Dr. Dre skit and was then used by various people throughout the 1990s. It has become so popular that people have started using the joke on their own. Thankfully, there is still a great deal of humor to be found within these jokes.

In addition to a popular Internet joke, this phrase also has its origins in Dr. Dre’s 1992 album “The Chronic,” which has spawned countless parody videos. In addition to the rap legend, Welvin Harris is responsible for the creation of this popular phrase. While the term is no longer used in the lyrics, it has been in pop culture for over two decades. The Internet comedian Welvin Harris has made it a global phenomenon, and even the internet has taken it on board.

As a child, I loved to hear the “deez nuts” phrase sung by the rapper, Welvin Harris. He told his dad, “It’s time for my Deez Nuts!” The hilarious rap song also inspired a viral joke that spread across the internet. Welvin Harris’ video became popular because it was delivered by a comedian. The joke was widely shared and spread over the internet, and was a hit with fans of the rap artist.

The ‘deez nuts’ meme has become a popular topic of conversation. It is a popular joke to divert a conversation. Despite being a humorous joke, it is not intended to be offensive. It is meant to make people laugh. If you’re having a bad day, try this joke. This funny deez nuts meme will make everyone laugh. Just remember to avoid uttering the phrase in the presence of others.


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