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How to Choose the Best (Stylish!) Glasses for Your Face Shape

Want to Buy Best Stylish Glasses? Don’t grab the first pair you find!

Keep in mind that face shapes are all different, and each face shape can have a secret meaning behind them. Hairstyle and color, makeup, stylish glasses, and everything you wear on your face depend on your face shape.

What are the best stylish glasses you can wear with your face shape? Not sure about determining your face shape?

We’ve got the answers right here for you. Discover which glasses work for your face shape below:

Types of Face Shapes With the Best Stylish Glasses Choice

in this picture we can describe types of stylish glasses

Let’s start by tackling the different face shapes. Remember that your face shape depends primarily on bone structure. There are seven common shapes, starting with the diamond face:


Diamond face shapes have broad, distinct cheekbones, narrow eye lines, and narrow jawlines. Your forehead and jawline will look narrower than your cheekbones.

Rimless and oval glasses with cat-eye frames can push your face out. It will soften the cheekbones and instead bring attention to the eyes.


Heart-shaped faces have the forehead is the widest feature, and your cheeks push out of your face. Your jawline is small, which can make it easy to draw a heart on your face. Go for wayfarer glasses that extend a bit wider than your forehead.

Glasses with bottom-heavy frames can give your face more width. Frames with low-set temples emphasize the lower part of your face while oval-shaped frames do the opposite. To minimize the look of your glasses on your face, you can select light-colored or rimless frames.


People with an oblong face shape has a wide, long, straight cheek line. The face is long and slender while having high cheekbones, long nose, and a tall forehead. Find frames that have more depth than width to make the face appear shorter and more balanced.

Tall and rounded frames will help create a well-proportioned face. Adding a color-accented top rim or temples can also help add width to your oblong-shaped face.


Rounded-shaped faces have curved lines with similar proportions in the width and length. You have soft angles and similarly wide cheekbones, forehead, and jaw. Avoid getting small and round frames since they can’t complement your features.

You can sharpen your features with rectangular frames and frames with bold, angular lines. Find ones that hit right above your cheekbones. With thick frames like full-rimmed glasses, it can help add angles to your face shape.


Many say the balanced proportions of oval face shape is the most ideal feature that most would like to have. This face shape is also the most versatile to fit glasses on. Your rounded forehead, narrow cheekbones, and long jawline.

Glasses with aviator, walnut-shaped, or round frame works well with your features. Find oversized frames and choose a bold style to compliment your face shape. You can choose any color and texture to stand out with your glasses.


For this face shape, your jaw is the widest and it gradually narrows down through to the forehead. Triangle face shapes are widest at the bottom and narrowest to the top. You should find a mirror-opposite frame that is bold on top and light at the bottom.

Find frames with detailing on the upper portion and the width is wider than the jawline. To balance the glasses to your face more, try out cat-eye frames.


People with a square face shape have a strong jawline and angular features. Rounded glasses bring out your strongest features, and it will soften and add contrast to your angular features. Having a thinner frame on the glasses help not overwhelm the features on your face.

Find glasses that have a width wider than your cheekbone. Glasses with narrow ovals and frame styles and frames that have more width than depth are great for bringing balance to your face shape. If you want to emphasize your angular face, you can use glasses with square frames.

Widest Part of Your Face

If your forehead is wider than the rest of your face, then you are under the oval face shape. If your cheekbones are the widest, then you may have a round face. If your jaw is the widest part and your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are the same in width, you have a square face.

The Shape of Your Jaw

If you have a round jaw, you may have a round face shape. You have a confirmed round face shape if the length of your face is similar to the width. If you noticed that the length is longer than the width, you may have an oval face shape.

If your jawline is strong, then you have a square face shape. The square face shape is slightly angular and your chin isn’t that pointy. If your chin is pointy, then you most likely have a heart-shaped face.

Length of Your Face

Yes, the length of your face matters too. If your jawline is not angular and the length of your face is short, then you have a round face shape. If you have a long face shape, then you have an oval face shape.

Determining Your Face Shape Tips

Look at yourself in the mirror and try outlining the shape of your face on the mirror with an erasable pen. Step back and look at the widest part of your face, jaw shape, and length.

The cheekbones and jawbones also play a big part in determining your face shape. Identify the most prominent point and location of each cheekbone and jawbone. Compare the two bony landmarks to know your face shape.

You can also use a flexible measuring tape to compare measurements around your face. Start across your forehead, cheekbones, jaw to the chin, and then the length of your face.

When choosing glasses, look for men and women’s designer glasses as they are of higher quality and more durable.

Find the Best Stylish Glasses for Your Face Shape

Your glasses frame, shape, and style all depend on your face shape. Make sure to buy ones that are worthy of not only your face shape but also your eye color, skin tone, hair color, and purpose.

Did we help with determining your face shape and glasses? Want more like this? Check out our other blog posts and read more helpful tips and tricks today!

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