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Amazing Ways To Embed Facebook Widget on Website

By Cristiana , in General , at July 16, 2021

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms but still holds its relevance and importance in the social networking landscape. That is because of its continuous support to its users and businesses associated with the platform.


Marketers cannot afford to ignore Facebook as their marketing strategy. Hence, they discovered an extension that has proved to be an effective tool for businesses to grow their customer base; this tool is Facebook feed Widget

What is Facebook Feed Widget?

Facebook Widget is an amazing tool that helps you to collect, curate and customise the content related to your business from Facebook and displays them beautifully on your website. 


The widget helps you to attract people’s attention by showcasing posts and content from Facebook. As we all know, Facebook provides a wide variety of features that allows users to display their content through different mediums. By displaying these contents on your website, you can add charm to your website and create a good impression on your audience.

Why should you have a Facebook feed wall on your business website?

In recent times, there has been a huge spike in the numbers of newly formed brands. In addition, easy access to the internet has moved people towards online shopping and eCommerce for their purchases. Hence, it has attracted many businesses to have an online presence. Therefore to stand out from your competitors, the Facebook wall provides that extra edge and charm that helps you to attract more customers


There are many reasons why it is important to have a Facebook wall on your business website, there are :


  • Increases engagement of your website.

  • Makes your website vibrant and lively.

  • Provides social proof to your potential customers.

  • Boosts user generated content.

  • Helps you to win potential customer’s trust

  • Helps you in converting your potential customers into your customers

  • Strengthens your Facebook presence.

  • Increases website traffic


The Facebook wall is very beneficial for your business, as it helps you attain more customers by creating a good impression on their minds. You can display Facebook feeds on your website by using Facebook widgets. Widgets are readily available in the market and are easy to install. Here is the list of the six best tools that help you to embed Facebook feed on your website. 


Best tools to embed Facebook feed widget on your website


Tagembed is the best social media aggregator in the market. It has a dedicated Facebook widget that gathers all the content and posts related to your business from all over Facebook. It allows you to curate and customise them before displaying them as a single unified presentation on your website.


You can even moderate the content. That means you can restrict all irrelevant and spam content and keep your feed related to your business. It also allows you to use a profanity filter that blocks all the content containing specified keywords, and you can even block posts from the specific Facebook handle. It helps you to maintain the quality of your website.


It is a coding-free tool; you just need to copy the code and paste it into your website’s backend. You don’t need to have any coding experience or knowledge to run the feed. Also, the feed provides the new content automatically; you don’t need to refresh the feed or hire any specialist to provide fresh content on the website.


You can personalise the widget and change its colour, background, font size, font style, etc., and match it according to your website’s style. It brings extra charm to your website and creates a good impression on your visitors to boost engagement. Moreover, Tagembed recently launched a Shopify social feed app for Shopify users to add Facebook feed to Shopify website.



Elfsight is a popular social media aggregator that provides a Facebook widget that displays the posts related to your business on your website. Facebook is a hub of different types of content; it provides the freedom to its users to express themselves in their desired medium; hence people write posts, provide images or upload videos. Elfisight is compatible with all the mediums and displays blog, images, videos on your website. All different types of content add vibrancy to your website and make it lively.


It is also compatible with 16 most popular languages; you select the language according to your preference and showcase your Facebook feed widget.



Smashballoon uses the plugin to display Facebook posts and content related to your business. For example, you can display your product reviews, feedback, testimonials, etc., by using this plugin and winning your potential customers’ trust.


You can display as many feeds as you like; it provides you with the option to display the content on the same page or throughout your site and allows you to customise each feed. It also keeps your feed up to date and provides you with fresh content related to your business.



EmbedSocial allows you to sync your Facebook handle with your website. It allows you to display the posts and content from your Facebook handle on your website. It provides a little sneak of your Facebook presence to your visitor and helps you to strengthen your social media presence.


It also allows you to personalise your plugin and customise the feed to make it pleasing to the eyes and keep visitors engaged.



Snapwidget is an amazing tool that embeds Facebook feed on your website. You can choose from different layouts like a grid, slideshow, boards, etc., making your website lively and interactive. In addition, it helps you in increasing the click-through rate of your website and enhances your brand recognition.


It also provides analytics and helps you to examine the performance of your feed. You can conveniently make reports or build new strategies if needed.


Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is another plugin that fetches the content related to your business from Facebook. You can showcase a vibrant Facebook wall using this tool and enhance the website surfing experience of your visitor. The feed increases user engagement and, therefore, helps you to attain brand recognition. It is an easy-to-use tool and provides great results to your business.




Facebook Widgets is a great marketing strategy that helps you to attract more customers and enhance your social media recognition. In this internet era, it is very important to have a strong social media presence and an appealing business website, as they act as a measure to determine a brand’s reputation. You can use the tools mentioned above and take your business to new heights.



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