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A Simple Guide to RV Maintenance

By Cristiana , in General , at May 9, 2023

RVs are a summer classic, a getaway for the whole family. But this home-on-wheels has been around longer than you might think. The first RV-like vehicle appeared as early as 1915.

Owning an RV hasn’t changed all that much over the years. The onboard systems remain mostly the same, with newer models including more efficient engines and generators. That said, you need to take care of RV maintenance whether your RV is a 1915 original or one from the current year.

Not sure where to start? Read on for a comprehensive guide on RV maintenance.

RV Maintenance Begins With the Engine

An RV is more home than vehicle, but the vehicle component is what you’ll need to take you places. It goes without saying that caring for an RV means keeping up with engine, transmission, and brake maintenance.

Make sure to replace the oil and filter at least once per 10,000 miles. Check the brake fluid, make sure the transmission is okay, and keep an eye on tire PSI. Take your RV for a spin if you haven’t used it for a while to make sure it’s working well.

Take it to a mechanic for a regular checkup, especially before a trip. Make sure the battery is charged, and replace it as needed. The last thing you want is to get stranded somewhere on your vacation.

Check for Leaks and Electrical Issues

RVs, like homes, tend to get leaks and superficial damage over time. Even if you use RV covers and keep yours in RV storage, these issues can and will occur.

Make sure there are no holes or openings in the seams, particularly in the roof. Patch any that you find with sealant. Go inside the RV and examine the ceiling for any drips or areas of moisture that are seeping through.

The same goes for windows and room extenders. Make sure the seals are good and nothing is getting through. Consider an RV carport or metal buildings that provide good protection from the weather in any case.

Maintain Built-In Systems

Many RVs include attached awnings, outside kitchens and showers, and so on. Make sure that all of these are in good condition and working. They can take a beating out on the road, and may not show the wear until you get back home.

Ensure the hinges and springs aren’t rusting. Check fluid lines and any electrical wiring.

Things naturally wear down and corrode over time, and an RV has a lot more that can break. Expect to make a handful of small fixes or replacements each year.

Don’t Skip Out on RV Maintenance

RVs can take you and your family all over the country, bringing along all your favorite comforts for the right. Regardless, don’t forget to keep an eye on RV maintenance. Take care of it on a regular basis, especially in advance of any trips.

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