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9 of Norway’s best places to visit

According to the United Nations World Happiness Survey, the second happiest country in the world seems to have a moment of prosperity. The reputation of Scandinavia as a clean and untouched country attracts discerning tourists from all over the world and fans to visit the country that inspired this moving film are encouraged by the success of the Disney movie Frozen (apparently bookings increased around 40 percent ). This is our joint preference from the many visits we have to our team for Norway’s best places

  1. The Fjords

Norway was well known for this. The UNESCO listed Fjords are now on the list of several buckets of tourists for good cause – it is one of Europe’s most natural and dramatic landscapes and one of Scandinavia’s most important attractions.

The valleys of the glaciers are quiet and surrounded by high mountains and waterfalls which offer the area a world beauty that does not. The Sognefjord is the longest, deepest, and most famous of the Hardangerfjord’s waterways.

  1. Ålesund

Ålesund is an impressive fishing town, scattered on a number of islands on the western coast of Norway, rebuilt in a beautifully colorful New York-style following the major fire in 1904.

It’s easy to visit one of the most beautiful places in Noway with a lively community, excellent shopping, and views over the Aksla region. Let yourself into the special climate of the city before you leave for a guided fjord tour. Don’t miss a stunning photo opportunity on the Geirangerfjord.

  1. Trolltunga

Trolltunga is certainly one of Norway’s picturesque locations. It’s a crazy place and one of Norway’s most stunning scenic cliffs – but it is only for the brave.

In the ice age, when glacial water froze a bit of the peak, it was known as the “troll’s tongue” and it broke away, leaving a small, protruding ledge, about 2,300 meters, above the lower lake. This is just a four-hour walk for one picture opportunity of a lifetime if you are up for the challenge! Remember to take great care!

  1. Bergen

Apparently, Bergen is the rainy but beautiful city that inspired the fiction in Disney’s hit animation, Frozen. The picturesque town is one of Norway’s most charming and best towns, with its medieval houses, Norwegian churches, and colorful forest buildings peppered.

It is a lovely place with a choice of good museums, funky independent shops, and fresco cafes, but its main attraction is its position as the entrance to the renowned fjords.

  1. Lofoten Islands

This scenic and untouched archipelago is one of Europe’s best-preserved mysteries, but one of Norway’s most valuable natural jewels. While the arctic circle array includes islands, the colder temperatures of the islands are blessed because of the Gulf Stream.

It is a typical place where life is straightforward and tourism is reduced. Whale watching, spectacular walks, and countryside await you here! In order to twist the romantic aspect, remain in one of the cozy fishing cabins, surrounded by the still blue waters and untouched mountain scenery to be seen.

  1. Oslo

Even the capital of Norway is beautiful and a place that is becoming ever more famous in this region. Oslo is clean, lying behind and surrounded by a stunning fjord and acres of lush trees, and it does not have a long list of world-famous attractions.

The architecture is an eclectic blend of old and modern and the overlooked city boasts several museums of international standing, among them the National Gallery that contains the famous ‘The Scream’ work of Edvard Munch.

  1. Flam

In the fjords of Southwest Norway, the hard to find the beautiful village of Flam is one of the best regions in Norway to explore. You will be able to go on an exploratory ride with the Flam Railway, home to museums that really showcases and shows the historical facets of this area. This way you can’t go on a stroll around the city.

Flam Trail passes through one of Norway’s wildest landscapes and is considered the world’s greatest train ride. Once done, you might want a short journey to the Flam Railway Museum, or even a little bit to Stegastein, Aurlandsfjord’s viewing platform.

  1. Skudeneshavn

In the southernmost tip of the traditional island of Karmøy in Norway is Norway’s best-preserved sailing ship town. A successful harbor, it is a fun place to explore in Norway with bags of panoramic charm since the 19th century.

Go to the charming old town full of wooden homes, winding streets (almost without traffic) and boat-mooring areas, cafes, shops, and galleries. Expect more than 200 white wooden structures, which their owners have lovingly repaired and retained.

  1. Fredrikstad

Norway has three fortified cities, which claim to be one of Scandinavia’s best-preserved and one of the most beautiful towns to visit. The old city is surrounded by ancient and traditional shops all surrounded by the extraordinary fortification walls.


Next to the fortification, you can find a photo postcard village with cobblestone streets and a cathedral with Emanuel Vigeland’s stained-glass work and a steeple that also doubles as a lighthouse.

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