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5 perks of living in central London

By Cristiana , in Lifestyle , at April 4, 2023

ToughNickel quotes the 18th-century writer Samuel Johnson as enthusing: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

However, if Dr Johnson could have seen London today, even he might have been surprised by just how much there is to see and do in the UK capital’s innermost part alone. Here are some of the strongest incentives for you to seriously consider relocating to central London…

The city’s public transport system is extensive 

When in London, whether as a resident or visitor, you could often hear people casually mentioning ‘the tube’. No, they haven’t necessarily just used up the last of their toilet paper; they are likely referring instead to the London Underground rail network that criss-crosses the city.

These trains and London buses are all cost-effective to use — and you can also pay extra to get a cab, if you would prefer not to sit near too many other people during your journey.

Job opportunities abound in London 

That’s largely due to the high number of companies based in the UK capital. Even many companies that didn’t originate in London still have some kind of presence there, due to the city’s status as a leading hub for international commerce.

Still, though it probably goes without saying, you should make sure you have the relevant qualifications for a specific London job before you do apply for it.

London is a highly favorable place to start a business 

In fact, London has repeatedly ranked as one of the world’s best cities in which to start a business. So, if you are struggling to spot any London job vacancies that scream ‘dream job’, you could still seriously look into employing yourself.

If your London business grows to the extent where it ought to be based in a dedicated office rather than your home, rest assured that central London is rich in offices available to rent. The broker Office Freedom can help you to utilize one of the serviced offices in Soho, for example.

Central London has a vibrant music scene 

Time Out has detailed several central London attractions highly recommended for music fans. For example, they could drop by the city’s biggest independent bookshop, Foyles, to hear some jazz music, or read early drafts of classic Beatles songs’ lyrics at the British Library.

Meanwhile, the especially prestigious venues for live music in London include the world-famous Ronnie’s jazz club in Soho and the big-name Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. 

Central London is also rich in history 

Since London as a whole has more than two millennia of history behind it, you might not be surprised that even just the city’s central part offers plenty of exciting attractions for history buffs.

Those attractions include the British Museum, where you can see a fake merman mummy once owned by Queen Victoria’s grandson Prince Arthur of Connaught, and the Imperial War Museum, where the First World War Galleries are delightfully insightful about the 1914-1918 conflict.



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