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11 Ways to Treat Your Employees to Keep Them Motivated

By Jacob , in Business , at March 16, 2023

Employee motivation and engagement are key to the success of any business. A happy, motivated workforce makes for a significant competitive advantage. On the other hand, employees who feel neglected or undervalued often lack the enthusiasm to do their job well, so motivating them should be a top priority. Here are 11 ways to treat your employees right and help keep them motivated.

1. Make Work Fun

Making work fun doesn’t mean turning it into a playground. It does mean introducing interesting activities. Two examples are team-building exercises and themed days where everyone dresses up in costume, a specific color, etc. This helps create friendly competition among co-workers while promoting collaboration and fostering good relationships. You could even give out special rewards like tiedye t-shirts so that everyone feels appreciated for their work.

2. Set Clear Goals and Expectations

Set clear objectives that everyone can strive toward together. Make sure these goals are achievable yet challenging enough that employees continue pushing themselves. This gives everyone a definite purpose and direction when working on projects, preventing them from feeling lost or overwhelmed.

3. Provide Regular Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluation is essential in measuring how individual employees contribute to an organization’s success. It also allows employees to align their skills with the company’s goals and evaluate themselves according to key performance indicators.

Moreover, regular performance evaluations allow managers to provide timely feedback on areas that need improvement and offer praise for success. This helps boost employee morale and encourages career growth in the long term.

4. Offer Flexible Working Hours

Many employees appreciate flexible working hours because it helps them have a better work-life balance. As an employer, you could offer your workers the chance to work from home regularly or come in outside of traditional office hours if they prefer. This will give them more control over their daily routine and allow them to work when they’re most productive and energized.

5. Promote Positive Employee Relationships

Social interaction plays an important role in keeping employees engaged and motivated. Positive co-worker relationships are essential for cultivating a productive work environment where ideas flow freely and collaboration is encouraged. Hosting social mixers for experienced staff and those just starting helps create strong bonds between colleagues and prevents unnecessary rivalries from forming. Regular check-ins with each employee also help develop meaningful relationships, which further contributes to improved morale among the team.

6. Recognize Achievements

Recognizing your employees shows that you value their hard work and dedication. Give out awards or certificates for outstanding performance. Employees who know their efforts are noticed are more likely to stay motivated.

Give a small gift in addition to publicly recognizing the employee. If you don’t already have one, create an “Employee of the Month” program where you recognize top performers consistently. This encourages everyone in the organization to work harder to receive similar recognition. Personalized wholesale hoodies with the company logo are a practical option that most employees will value.

11 Ways to Treat Your Employees to Keep Them Motivated

7. Foster Professional Development

People like feeling valued, and offering growth opportunities is one way you can do this for your employees. Provide training courses or seminars relevant to job duties so that employees can increase their knowledge base and develop new skill sets. This development benefits both the employees and your business.

Growth opportunities can include attending conferences or workshops, taking language classes or enrolling in online courses related to their specific field. Allow employees access to these types of activities to help them stay on top of emerging trends in their industry, gain access to new skills and enhance their value as professionals.

8. Offer Better Perks and Benefits

Offering better perks and benefits is another great way to keep your staff happy and motivate them at work. Have a budget for employee discounts, such as discounted gym memberships, free snacks/beverages in the office kitchen area, subsidized healthcare plans, etc. These benefits demonstrate that you care about helping your team grow professionally and supporting them economically. Employees who feel cared for are more likely to put extra effort into improving productivity.

9. Celebrate Important Events

Celebrating important events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc., among employees helps build strong relationships between co-workers while creating a greater sense of belonging within the organization. This makes people feel connected and allows everyone to relax away from work, encouraging sharing of ideas, which often leads to better problem-solving and higher staff morale.

10. Foster Open Communication

Hold constructive conversations with workers and encourage opinions from every corner of your team. Hold meetings where workers can express feelings about their roles, ask questions, and facilitate mutual understanding between all parties involved.

11. Involve Employees in the Decision-Making Process

When employees have a say in decision-making, it helps them feel more engaged and empowered at work. Whenever possible, open up decisions to everyone involved. Seek input from employees at all levels of the organization, not just senior staff. And when decisions produce favorable results, don’t forget to celebrate the employees involved in the decision-making process. Delegating tasks and allowing people to take ownership of projects can also be a great way to boost motivation.

11 Ways to Treat Your Employees to Keep Them Motivated


Motivating employees doesn’t have to be complicated. It just takes a little effort and attention. Following the tips above helps create an environment that encourages hard work and productivity while nurturing collaboration and creativity. Ultimately, this will lead to greater job satisfaction among your staff, which will help propel your business forward.


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