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10 Activities to Plan on Your Trip to Bora Bora

In the southern Pacific Ocean lies the Windward Group of islands in French Polynesia. They are situated in the archipelago of the Society Islands. The 118 islands cover more than 2,000,000 square miles of sea. 

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Bora is one of them. The letter ‘b’ doesn’t exist in their language. Their island was called Pora, yet early guests mixed up the ‘p’ for a ‘b’. It is known as the Romantic Island. Here are ten activities in Bora.


1. Helicopter Ride Bora

Appreciate the perspectives tasting champagne poured by the pilot. See Mount Otemanu and turquoise tidal ponds. Apart from this, you can also see the dawn or the dusk or both of them together here. Before taking this helicopter ride you need to visit this destination by booking your Spirit Airlines Reservations to reach this place.


A helicopter trip makes an incredible stage for taking energizing pictures. Analysts announced the outing as “awesome” and “astounding”.

2. Appreciate The Parasailing 

Notice the delightful tidal ponds, Mount Otemanu and the peripheral islands from a 10,000-foot perspective. Watch the ocean life like turtles, sharks and stingrays. Or on the other hand, feel the breeze on your body as you visit the island.

3. Kitesurfing 

Kitesurfing consolidates parasailing with windsurfing. Utilizing a sensible kite, the surfer is brought through the water on a surfboard, without a boat. Attempt free-form and downwind surfing, educated by a wellbeing cognizant teacher. 


Strangely, audits of the game community on the magnificent educator, his understanding and inspiring abilities just as how much fun he was. You will not have any desire to miss this. 

4. Aquabike

Look at the ocean life on an aqua bike. The two-seater bike is powerfully brought down into the turquoise water and an accomplished jumper will go with you. It resembles a two-man sub from which you can take care of the fish bread bits. It is heartfelt and delightful. 


5. Water Safari with Helmet

Take a two-hour walk submerged. A boat visit through the tidal pond and swimming is incorporated. Play among the fish wearing a protective cap that provisions air. No experience required, regardless of whether you don’t swim well. Strolling just 15 feet underneath the surface is fun and simple with your guide along to recount stories and depict fish and other undersea fortunes. 

6. Submarine Dive

Recollect the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”? Make a plunge a yellow submarine and attempt to distinguish the numerous sorts of marine life in a brief jump underneath the superb waters of the tidal pond. Appreciate the coral reefs and maybe see a turtle or moray eel. 

7. Boat Tour

Lease a boat for the afternoon and visit the tidal pond and island. A local escort will go with you to show you virgin regions and you can snorkel and swim with the fishes among delightful coral reefs.

8. Jeep Safari

Go on a safari to the solitary pearl ranch on the island. See WWII cannon emplacements and appreciate an organic product tasting. Visit 3 towns and 4 post focuses from which all-encompassing perspectives make great photos of the tidal pond. The drivers love their island and love similarly sharing stories and data about history and culture notwithstanding vegetation.

9. Mount Otemanu

A leftover of volcanic magnificence, its overcast cover makes a staggering perspective from anyplace on the island. Regardless of where you are on the island, the mountain changes. Recruit a guide and go climbing to find more about this shocking focal point of Bora. 


This is really a breathtaking experience for everyone who loves mount hiking. You should do mount hiking when you visit this destination. So don’t waste your time dial Copa Airlines Telefono number and book your ticket.

10. Matira Beach

What’s an outing toward the South Pacific without a beach insight? This one has climbing trails just as food and shopping. It is the standout spot to watch the dusk all things considered on the western tip of the island. Heartfelt and wonderful, it has immaculate sands and excellent waters in which to swim. 


Watch the shades of blue change during the hours of the day as you swim in abdomen profound waters for many feet off the beach. From this seashore, you can watch and support the outrigger kayak races. Commentators couldn’t adulate the beach enough.

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