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Nissa Burkhalter, The Ex-Wife Of Ronald DeFeo

By Adam Clark , in General , at March 31, 2022

Nissa Burkhalter discusses her grief after losing her husband in her book, “Recovering From the Death of My Husband.” Despite all of this, she still loves and respects her husband. Although he’s made mistakes in the past, she still believes in him. Despite her regrets, she tries not to judge her spouse for the good parts of him. Her relationship with her late boyfriend is a testament to her commitment to her marriage.

Nissa Burkhalter is the ex-wife of the Amityville Horror killer Ronald DeFeo, Sr., who shot dead four family members with a rifle in 1963. Despite not being together at the time of the shooting, they were married and had three children together. Their relationship has been a subject of intense public interest since then. Several books and interviews have emerged about their relationship.

Nissa Burkhalter was the ex-wife to Ronald DeFeo, the Amityville Horror murderer. She and DeFeo had three children and a troubled marriage. Both of them had a history involving cheating on their wives. Nissa Burkhalter was reluctant to talk about the abuses her husband had committed. In fact, she couldn’t because of the pain she was feeling. She eventually forgiven her husband and took the necessary steps to help him heal.

Despite the acrimonious nature of DeFeo’s crimes, Burkhalter has a positive attitude about the past. Her recent divorce from her husband has allowed her to pursue her passion for acting. She was a member of the Groundlings comedy troupe in Los Angeles. She was selected to be a part of the group, despite her shyness and lack of acting experience. In her 20s, she had always dreamed of being an actress. Afterwards, she stumbled across an audition for a movie role. Her subsequent marriage with DeFeo helped her build a successful career in Hollywood.

Nissa Burkhalter worked in the entertainment industry after her divorce. She was a member of the Groundlings, a comedy troupe founded by Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig. Despite being shy, she was chosen for the group despite not having any acting experience. She had always dreamed of becoming an actress in her 20s. In her 30s, she stumbled upon an audition for a film role and landed a successful career in Hollywood.

After her divorce, Nissa burkhalter continued her career as an entertainer. She joined the Groundlings comedy troupe, Los Angeles. Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell founded the group. Despite her shyness and lack of formal acting training, she was accepted into the group despite her shyness. Burkhalter was a member in her late 20s.

Nissa Burkhalter was the ex-wife to Ronald DeFeo, the Amityville Horror killer. Her husband is a convicted mass murderer, but his wife was not present during the shooting. The victims of the Amityville Horror were murdered by the couple’s friend, who had a long list of friends. During their divorce, she remarried a mass murderer named Ronald DeFeo. Despite the alleged murders, she has not yet confessed to the crimes.

Nissa Burkhalter’s relationship with DeFeo is complicated. Despite being married to a former mass murderer, she was never married to DeFeo. She was also the exwife of Ronald DeFeo Sr., the convicted killer of the ‘Amityville Horror’. They divorced in 2013 The divorce was over after they separated in 2015. She and DeFeo split in 2016.

Nissa Burkhalter, despite her divorce from her husband continued her career as an entertainer. She joined “The Groundlings”, a comedy troupe based in Los Angeles. Despite her shyness, she was accepted into this troupe. She also didn’t have any acting training. In her 20s, she longed to be an actress. She was lucky enough to meet a director of film and land a major Hollywood role.

Nissa Burkhalter had three children with DeFeo. The couple was married from 2012 to 2015. The couple had a daughter together, but divorced in 2014. The children and their parents were separated from the beginning. The couple’s two children, Nissa Burkhalter and their son, were separated after the divorce. The couple had three children. Their daughter, Rachel, and son, Daniel, were born on 26 September 1951.