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What Is A Control Systems Integrator

By Cristiana , in Technology , at January 20, 2022

A Controls System Integrator (CSI) is a prime contractor who designs and integrates controls and automation systems. They also provide onsite support for manufacturers of these products, as well as the end user.

Controls System Integrators Work With Manufacturers, End Users

Control system integrators are in direct contact with manufacturers of automation equipment and the end users they serve. Control systems integrators work with both parties to determine what their needs are for an automation project. Controls System Integrators often start out as Controls Engineers and Controls Designers , working with manufacturers on smaller projects before growing their companies to encompass multiple facets of Controls System Integration.

Controls system integrators work with manufacturers on smaller jobs, which allows them to offer their expertise and insight into the requirements for larger projects. Control systems integrators will often be able to point out areas where cost savings can occur without sacrificing specifications or safety. Control systems integrators also serve as a referral service, creating partnerships between manufacturers and end users. Control systems integrators work with their clients to make sure that both parties are satisfied with the process.

Controls System Integrators often use various methodologies to ensure safety of products is not compromised during the design phase of an automation project. Control engineers may apply IEC 61508 or ISO 62304 standards to ensure that products meet safety standards even if components fail. Control Systems Integrators may also walk through the installation and commissioning process with their clients to ensure that there are no concerns or issues after the project is completed. Controls system integrators carefully choose which manufacturers they work with, ensuring that all of their products are fully compatible with each other. Control systems integrators must be able to provide a full range of services, including Controls Design , Controls Engineering , Controls Procurement and Controls Installation. Controls System Integrators need to understand the programming of all automation equipment as many products cannot run without custom programming.

Controls System Integrators also need to understand the requirements of Controls Automation Repair. Control systems integrators may complete Controls Certification programs through organizations like Control System Integrators Association in order to become experts. Control systems integrators are experts in their field, creating relationships with manufacturers and acting as consultants for end users.

What is Control Systems Integration?

Control Systems Integration (CSI) is the process of selecting, installing, commissioning, maintaining, repairing, replacing and refurbishing automation systems to meet client’s needs. Controls System Integrators work with Controls Designers, Controls Engineers and Controls Systems Integrators to accomplish these tasks.

Controls system integration is a multi-faceted role that requires expertise in Controls Automation Repair, Controls Installation and Controls Engineering. There are many job opportunities for Controls System Integrators, including Controls Certification . For more information about what Controls System Integrators do and Controls Certification, visit our Control Systems Integration Guide.

One of the most important roles Control system integrators play is the Controls Procurement . Controls system integrators work directly with manufacturers to ensure that all components of an automation system are compatible and will work together properly. Controls System Integrators also help clients choose which equipment is best for their needs.


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