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Here are Some of the Best Products You can Buy on EMIs

By Adam Clark , in Technology , at February 4, 2021 Tags:

According to the Harvard Business Review (2006), the Indian consumer was touted to grow in terms of buying behaviour in the future, demanding all that the consumer market had to offer. With new technology EMIs only enhancing this mentality, every year is a new one in the consumer durables marketplace.

In the 2006 review, it was predicted that Indians would grow more materialistically aware with each passing year, and this has happened slowly, though surely. Traditionally, consumerism reflected the idea that the growth in consumption of goods and services is a desirable thing. Indians believe this to be true, as well as the fact that happiness and well-being may be related to material possessions (which also happen to make tasks more convenient).

Currently, Indians purchase new goods and services as soon as they are launched. With easy ways to pay for goods and an accompanying rise in incomes, Indians love to spend! Payment tools are getting easier to apply for the Bajaj EMI Card, for instance, is a digital tool that lets people pay in no-cost EMIs.

Indians Like Buying on EMIs

Though consumers enjoy the whole shopping experience, they are conscious of what to buy, how to buy it and when to buy it. Analysts agree that the most buying behaviour of Indians is done primarily at festival times when deals and discounts are offered by brands who fiercely compete for consumers’ attention.

EMIs are encouraging Indians to buy everything from Apple iPhones to Gold’s Gym memberships. In a way to beat sluggishness of the economy, banks offer credit cards and debit cards that are tied to e-commerce portals, and brands that offer “no-cost” or “low-cost” EMIs to convince customers to spend.

Besides cards, there are financial institutions such as Bajaj Finserv that offer excellent digital payment devices like the Bajaj Finance Card to buy several things, from healthcare services to consumables. The Indian consumer has, thus, overcome an earlier reluctance to go ahead and spend.

Easy Spends on EMIs

EMIs let consumers buy the items they want without the worry of shelling out huge amounts upfront. Either customers can pay some amount as down payment and pay the rest they owe in monthly payment instalments, or pay the whole amount in EMIs.

Tenors, depending on the payment tool or product, extend from 3 months to 12 months,  typically. With digital devices that are easy to apply for, the Bajaj EMI Card offers consumers purchasing power to buy anything from flagship phones to hair transplants. Driving consumption, most evidently with regard to iPhones, once a sought-after gem, EMIs turn wishes for unreachable products into affordable commodities.

Buy Anything on EMIs

During the recent Coronavirus lockdown in 2020, people showed a distinct trend towards buying even low-priced items on EMIs, such as branded shoes. Items like Samsung smartphones and Lenovo laptops saw a surge in purchases with EMIs.

Retailers of electronic items like Vijay Sales, Kohinoor and Croma, who sell home appliances and electronics, state that most consumers bought their goods on EMIs, even with substantial interest rates being charged on loan instalments. The Bajaj Finance Card is a no-cost EMI tool, making purchases attractive to potential consumers. Consumers use EMI to buy items such as:

  • Clothing and accessories (most brands on the e-fashion portal “Myntra”)
  • Utensils
  • Electronics like TVs, refrigerators, smartphones, laptops and ACs (most great brands are available on Amazon which offer no-cost EMIs)
  • Travel-related services and products (Makemytrip and Yatra have offers to pay for airline tickets on EMIs)
  • Healthcare services and products
  • Educational Courses (from top universities like Bits Pilani)
  • Spa Treatments and Beauty Services (Four Fountains Spa offers services on EMI)
  • Cars
  • Homes

Now buy your favourite products on no-cost EMIs on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Avail attractive discounts, and use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to buy the products on easy EMIs.


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