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Expert Tips Revealed! Repair your Kitchen Cabinet with Ease

By Adam Clark , in Home Improvement , at February 6, 2021 Tags: ,

We tend to overlook the importance of the most used items in our daily life and kitchen cabinets are one of them, they are very useful. It is put through a lot of stress if kept under the refrigerator or under the sink. They are usually made of MDF, wood, or plastic. Due to repetitive opening or closing, sometimes, it loses its strength.

Water and moisture can also damage the wood of the cabinet. And, due to this, it creates a lot of problems. However, you can easily fix the damage or check the deteriorating condition of the cabinet, by following the steps given below.

10 Steps to Repair Kitchen Cabinet

Down here are the steps to repair the kitchen cabinet to make it look brand new. It is very simple and easy, you can do it all by yourself. It will also save time. Now, if you are not confident enough, then you can take the help of experts associated with carpentry in Dubai.

  1. Give Support to the Shelf

If you see your kitchen shelf is weaker, then you definitely need to change your shelf or add additional support. Use a ¾ inch plywood and cut it measuring the length, but keep it ½ inch narrower, so that it will be easy for you to add nails. Then, apply glue and add nails in the front and back-side of the shelf, to provide additional support, so that it does not sink.

  1. Fix the Drawers

Greasing up the drawers won’t fix the damages. You surely need to replace it. It is caused due to heavy-weight, and it is very common in every house. You just need to buy the same or nearly the same slide and replace it with the old one. You can replace it by yourself and it is indeed very easy. You just need to unscrew the old one and screw the new one. You can shop it from anywhere you like.

  1. Repair Broken Drawer

Don’t hang up with a broken drawer joint. You need to fix it as early as possible before it comes apart. You can do it by yourself. Simply, remove the screws from the loose one and rub glue to attach it. But, if you think you are not equipped enough, then seek help from a reliable carpenter in Dubai.

  1. Use European Hinges

European hinges are like one balance with three directions. It is very easy to adjust to the doors of the cabinet. If the door is bent or hooked first, you need to adjust the door. Use a screw to adjust it. It will help the screw to move the door in and out.

In most cases, you need to loosen the screw, then dig the door in and out, and then tighten the screw. You need to adjust the side screw first. If you know how to repair your cabinet, then it will be very easy for you, or else you can contact carpentry Dubai. If you see the hinges are bent or something, then find a proper replacement.

  1. Add Support to Banging Doors

When you shut doors or drawers it makes a loud noise. That’s why people use a bumper to reduce the noise and it is placed near the interior corner. You need to clean the back of the door or the corner of the drawer so that the bumper can stock properly. Often, you will see the bumper has fallen off or the kids have picked them off. Then, you need to go and buy a new one. It is available in different thicknesses, choose the one that is best fitted.

  1. Fill the Empty Screw Holes

When you see the screws are not getting tight any more, it is because the screw hole has enlarged. Thus, it will not allow the doors or the drawers to close properly. You can fix the problem by just using glue and a toothpick. Then, you need to remove the screw and hardware.

Add the wood glue at the very end of the toothpick, and fill as much as you can into the hole. Leave it for a few seconds to let the glue dry, and then use a knife to cut the toothpick blush. Then, reinstall the hardware.

  1. Strengthen the Drawer Bottom

Sometimes, you might notice that the bottom of the drawer gets curved. For this reason, you can use thin plywood as support. You have to use ¼ inch of plywood to thicken the drawer bottom and leave some gap of at least ¼ inch on each side. Then, use wood glue and place the plywood at the top of it.

  1. Jam the Marks

You will often see marks on the wood, you can use a strain-free retouch marker to hide them. Use it on the scratches and wipe off the excess. You can also use a hairdryer to make the stick soft so that you can apply it properly. However, it won’t be exactly the same, but it will be close to the surrounding. You can easily find them in hardware stores and shops from there. Or, to avoid the hassle rely on Carpenter Dubai.

  1. Back Plates to Cover the Worn-out Areas

Due to years of opening and closing, the doors of the drawers deteriorate. Try to fix the cabinet knob quickly. You just need to unscrew the knob or the handle. Attach the back-plate under it, and then reattach the knob. You can shop the back-plate from anywhere, it is easily available.

  1. Resume the Shine

Grease dash and smoke can deposit as a layer on the cabinet. To bring back the shine use wood cleaner. You can use Murphy oil soap to remove the debris. Use a sponge with the cleaner on the cabinet. And, always try to clean your cabinet at least once a year.


Use these steps to repair your damaged cabinet, to make it look good enough. You can also upgrade your kitchen cabinet, by painting with different designs. Select any style and install it onto the kitchen cabinet. And, lastly, if you face any problem, you can contact carpentry Dubai.

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