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Cost of Living in Perth? Discover Rent, Transportation & More

By Jacob , in Real Estate , at December 9, 2022

Perth has numerous attractions, including festivals, cuisine, and Formula One. Relocating to the city of churches will not deplete your savings, as it is renowned for its affordability with Removalists Clarkson Perth can make it simpler.

We make every effort to ensure you know the minimum amount of money required to survive in Perth.

Perth living expenses

Well-known are Perth culinary scene, festivals, and Formula One races. You consistently ranked near the top of such rankings as one of Australia’s most affordable and liveable significant cities.

We hope that this article has helped you estimate Perth cost so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to take advantage of the city’s superior lifestyle compared to that of other cities.

1) The average annual wage in Perth 

Perth’s monthly net salary (after taxes) is comparable to that of eastern state capitals, and the cost of living is generally lower. South Australia’s average weekly wage is approximately $1,629.90.

2) Locations and costs for housing

Because property values rise incrementally closer to the city center, the cost of living decreases as one moves away from the CBD, particularly in North Perth.

The only exception is beach communities. The weekly rents in coastal suburbs are significantly greater than in inland suburbs due to the high demand and cost of living.

3) Bills for utilities

Due to its proximity to the center of Australia and its desert, Perth is an ideal travel destination. Summer can bring intense heat and torrential downpours, which may be why Perth residents and government have embraced solar energy more than any other Australian state.

It is your only option if you want to live in a green community that shares your values. Recently, a gigawatt-scale solar power grid set a world record for harmful consumption. It was especially considering that this success will almost certainly result in even less expensive energy in the future. An 85 m2 apartment costs an average of $247.84 per month ($61.98 per week) for electricity, water, and garbage.

4) Perth Transportation

Options Metro manages the city’s public transportation system, which consists of trains, trams, and buses that can quickly transport you to your destination.

Your trip’s price will vary depending on when you book it, the type of ticket you purchase, and whether or not you are eligible for South Australian government discounts. Free for children under the age of five.

If you are over 15 and do not have a student or concession card, you must pay the full per-zone fare, which increases during peak hours. Without a MetroCard, fares roughly double.

Customers with valid concession cards receive significant discounts, and students receive even lower prices. A new luxury vehicle, such as the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline or a comparable model, will cost approximately $30,630, and gasoline will cost roughly $1.87 per liter.

5) Groceries

While food prices fluctuate weekly, a family of four can survive on $95 per week.

Perth food prices are lower than those of other Australian cities.

6) Restaurants

The average cost of a meal out in Perth, as reported by tourists, is approximately $25 per person, with breakfast being slightly less expensive. In general, street food is more affordable than restaurant dining. 

7) Enjoyable Activities

The license plates of Perth depict both festivals and churches. Consider the following items as annual recreation costs:

8) Perth Festivals and Entertainment

 Every year, the Perth Festival hosts a staggering number of astounding performances that will blow your mind if you appreciate the arts. It has been the most significant cultural event in Perth and South Australia for over six decades. The well-funded schedule will feature concerts by renowned artists, plays, dance performances, art exhibitions, and even a one-week writers’ festival.

a) WOMPerth Festival

Since its inception 30 years ago, this festival has been a staple in the lives of Australians, exposing them to various artistic expressions.

The festival will feature the finest music performed on multiple stages over four days, as well as cultural events, workshops, and dance that pay homage to the world in which we live.

b) Perth Fringe Festival

The month-long Perth Fringe Festival is the largest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere. Many venues outside Perth central business district host Fringe festival events, expanding the audience for the festival’s celebration of the state’s arts and culture.

The festival’s primary objective is to produce exciting and varied performances in various art forms, including cabaret, theater, comedy, circus, music, visual arts, workshops, and anything else.

c) Feast Festival

If you’re a colorist, you enjoy flashy things. Suppose you find drag performances amusing. You must attend this festival if you wish to demonstrate your support for the local LGBTIQ+ community.

People can express themselves through fashion, art, music, theater, comedy, dance, and argumentation.

Attend this event at least once due to its significance and contribution to the festival scene. The range of session activities includes workshops, sports, readings, and risqué topics.

Wrapping up:

Perth has Australia’s lowest cost of living, but its high quality of life more than makes up for it. To move interstate you can hire removalists Beeliar and make your move a pleasant experience.

Green space, beaches, hills, vineyards, and valleys are included in the distinct and meticulously planned layout of the streets and roads leading to the suburbs.  Put your feet up, pour a drink, and enjoy the Perth city lifestyle. Just hire the best moving company Perth.


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