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What Does a Connecticut Wrongful Death Lawyer Do? 

By Cristiana , in Law , at August 19, 2022

A wrongful death lawyer can help you uncover the truth behind the death of your loved one. While nothing can bring your deceased loved one back, your lawyer can help you recover compensation. The compensation you receive can help offset the financial and emotional burdens you are going through.

However, how does an attorney help you recover compensation from another party? We answer this question and more. Read on to learn more about what wrongful death lawyers do in Connecticut.  

What Is Wrongful Death in Connecticut? 

Different states will define a wrongful death differently. In Connecticut, a wrongful death happens when a person dies due to another person’s negligence. 

Certain situations can lead to a wrongful death. Some of the most common causes of death are medical negligence or malpractice and car crashes. You may also file a claim against an individual if your loved one died due to slipping and falling on the accused’s property. 

In short, any incident that causes personal injury can lead to a wrongful death. Most importantly, like any personal injury case, the liable party must compensate victims financially.  

How a Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help 

If you are eligible to file a claim for the wrongful death of your loved one, you need to call a wrongful death lawyer. A wrongful death lawyer can help your claims case in the following ways:

Prove Liability

To file a claim, you need to know who is liable for your loved one’s death. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to single out the people responsible. This is true in the case of multiple car crashes or premise liability cases. 

A wrongful death lawyer can help determine who is liable by evaluating evidence that identifies the person who acted negligently, causing your loved one’s death. 

Establish That Negligence Caused Your Loved One’s Death

In Connecticut, proving another person’s liability will not suffice. After all, a person who broke the law is liable but may not have caused your loved one’s death. Proving that another person’s negligence caused your loved one’s death is one of the most challenging facts to establish. 

Fortunately, proving causation is your wrongful death lawyer’s area of expertise. Using evidence and eyewitness accounts, your lawyer can prove that the other party’s actions led to the death of your loved one.    

File Your Claim as Soon as Possible

Connecticut’s statute of limitations for wrongful deaths is two years. In other words, you will have two years from the date of your loved one’s passing to file your claim. 

Two years might seem like a long time to file a claim. However, time can quickly run out on your claims case when you consider possible delays and the defense of liable parties. 

A wrongful death lawyer will establish liability quickly and file your claim immediately after determining who is liable. As a result, your chances of receiving compensation within the two-year statute of limitations increase significantly. 

Negotiate and Fight for the Right Compensation Amount 

The other party’s insurance provider will attempt to settle the case as quickly as possible. The insurer may offer you an amount of money. In exchange, you must retract your claim. Under no circumstances should you accept the offer and drop the charges. 

The money offered will often be a lowball offer. This means it’ll be significantly lower than the compensation amount you deserve. 

Your lawyer can deal with the insurer on your behalf. By creating a compelling case, your personal injury lawyer can negotiate or even fight for the compensation amount you deserve. 

Eligibility To File a Wrongful Death Claim in Connecticut 

According to the state’s general statutes, you can only file a wrongful death claim if you are the executor of the deceased’s will. 

An executor is a person listed in an individual’s estate plan. The executor ascertains the will’s lawful execution following the will owner’s passing. 

If your loved one does not have a will or an executor, the Connecticut courts will appoint one. If the court appoints you as the executor, you’ll be able to file the claim. 

Have You Lost Someone to a Wrongful Death? Call an Experienced Wrongful Death Lawyer To Represent You

It is always traumatic to lose a loved one. It’s even more traumatic to lose someone because of another person’s negligence. 

You do not have to go through this experience alone. Get justice for yourself and the ones your loved one left behind. 

Call us if you have lost someone to the negligence of another person.


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