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Between South America and me, it’s a great love story. And it started in 2013, during one of my most beautiful trips: a month-long road trip to Peru, Bolivia, and Chile.
2 short weeks in Peru, followed by two more in Bolivia and one last in Chile. I discovered these countries from north to south, and every day was pure pleasure for the eyes. A few months later, it was the turn of Brazil and Argentina, with a short stint in Paraguay.
I had a huge crush on this part of the world, that’s why today I offer this small, completely subjective classification of the most beautiful places in South America. that I had the chance to see or that I dream of visiting!

5 places to discover in South America



Impossible not to mention this essential place in Peru. Very popular with tourists from all over the world, it does not lose its charm and remains a place to see at least once in its life.
This archaeological site is a real enigma. It is by visiting Machu Picchu that we can really understand the genius of the Inca civilization: build such a city when at that time the wheel did not exist!
The archaeological site can be visited on an excursion (you will find agencies in the small town of Agua Calientes) or after the famous hike The Inca Trail. Ask before you go!



The landscapes of this part of southern Bolivia on the border of Chile are unparalleled beauty, enough to take your breath away: lunar backdrops, desert valleys, and salt deserts, geysers, volcanoes, and lagoons … An explosion of color and a big slap for me because I had never seen such landscapes, seems so unreal!

To discover the South Lipez, it is necessary to plan at least 2 days. From the small town of Uyuni, you will find agencies that offer this excursion. Impossible to do it by yourself in the solo mode because there are no signs, and there are no roads per se, only tracks! Only Bolivians know this place like their pocket!



I dream of Colombia. I am madly in love with this country without having set foot there yet! So yes, I am fascinated by the history of Pablo Escobar and the cartels of Colombia, but what I like most in this country is its side still preserved from tourism, its wild landscapes, and its history.
Colombia has come a long way. If a few years ago it was almost impossible to set foot in Medellin without being assaulted or stolen something, today it is very different. Colombia has opened up to the world, and has become a dream destination with natural parks, wild and paradisiacal beaches, rich and tasty gastronomy!

If I speak of Cartagena or Cartagena de Indias is because this city – from the photos and documentaries that I could see – reminds me of the colonial cities and colorful as I love Campeche or Valladolid in Mexico. Cartagena is a must-see on a trip to Colombia, and one of the most beautiful places in South America!



if you plan to go to Brazil, you must absolutely go to the side of Foz de Iguacu, a small town located on the border of Argentina. The peculiarity of this part of Brazil is that what separates it from Argentina is the incredible waterfalls of Iguacu. One of the most beautiful in South America.

What impresses most is their power and the incredible flow of water. You have to visit the park from two sides, in Argentina from the city of Puerto Iguazu and in Brazil from Foz do Iguaçu because the landscapes and the views are very different and really worth going. I found the Argentinian side too touristy, it seemed to me like an amusement park and I preferred the Brazilian side for its wilder aspect. In any case, the two sides of the Iguaçu Falls offer an exceptional panorama of the tropical forest and with a little luck, you will even be able to see toucans and monkeys!



I have not yet had the chance to go to the Galapago s archipelago but it will not be long because this place makes me dream as well as the country to which it belongs: Ecuador. It is also from Quito, the capital, that one must leave to access this nature reserve.
The Galapagos archipelago is made up of around fifty islands of which only three are inhabited. All the others are classified as nature reserves and are home to exceptional flora and fauna.
If you like this kind of place, take a look at these top 10 nature reserves in the world. It really makes you want to go on an adventure!

Obviously, I forget many other places, like the Atacama desert in Chile, Patagonia, the Lençois Marahenses park in Brazil, the Amazon, Tikal in Guatemala, Panama, the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro, Easter Island, Fitz Roy in Argentina and so on… This part of the world is full of surprises and you risk, like me, falling in love with it!

And you, what are you the most beautiful places in South America?

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