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Tips to keep your car moving smoothly

By Cristiana , in Travel Sports , at January 28, 2021

Here are a few easy tips to keep your car moving smoothly

Suppose you don’t maintain your tyre properly the longevity of your tyres decreases. As their shape gets distorted and may blow out, improperly inflated tyres can pose to be a huge threat or liability on the road.

Gas is wasted by underinflated tyres apart from being hazardous. It is estimated that 5 million gallons of fuel per day are wasted because of low pressure in the tyre. That’s more than 2 billion gallons of wasted energy and money per year.

For checking the thickness of tread of tyres online fast, there’s an old trick. First, a penny is required. A point where the wearing of the tread is traced must be located first. The penny is placed into the tyre tread groove. Get the penny aligned so that the top of coin head makes contact with the tyre surface first.

You’re fine if the tread covers any part of the coin. To grip the road, the tread of your tyre is thick enough in many adverse conditions of driving. The ability of your car to manoeuvre and stop will be disturbed if your tread gets below coin’s head. You may suffer a blowout soon.

Checking Your Tyre Pressure

Proper tyre pressure must be determined for the vehicle. PSI unit is used to measure the pressure in a tyre. The specific dimensions of tyre recommended by the manufacturer, its design, and weight of the vehicle determine the PSI. A sticker on the driver’s door depicts the required tyre pressure information. In the operational manual of your car, the specifications of tyre are recorded. Both the rear and front tyres have different levels of PSI measurement.

It would be best if you let your car to sit for half an hour so that it can cool down before you begin. The pressure must be checked when the tyres cool down. This is because the internal tyre pressure increases while using the vehicle.

Properly Maintaining Your Tyres

Tyres must be rotated periodically. For every 6,000 miles, you must rotate your tyres. The most reliable and easiest way of maintaining your tyre quality is keeping a record of tyre rotation. Even distribution of the vehicle weight is enabled by Consistent rotation of tyres. Distribution of weight is crucial. All the tyres will be negative affected if your car leans to one side unevenly.

You must ensure the correct alignment of your tyres. The tyres will have uneven wearing, distortions, and eventual blow out if you don’t align them.

Vehicle slanting or drifting toward one direction is a significant indicator of misalignment of the tyre. Presence of misaligned tyres is indicated if the car is performing poorly, especially while turning.

The tyres of a right tyres brand must be kept free from debris and maintained clean. Any material at the exterior of your tyres is cleaned by washing them properly. The affected surface of your tyre can be affected by the foreign material that gets stuck on your tyres. They pose a severe threat to the tyres. The risk of unnecessary wearing or puncture can be avoided by maintaining clean tyres.

Once the readily accessible front and top areas are cleaned, the car must be pulled up a few feet for turning the tyres and exposing the areas beneath the car for cleaning.

You can maintain tyre quality and increase their durability by following these simple measures. Your safety on the road is also affected by the tyre condition. Inefficient weather handling, blowouts and braking pose serious threat.

You can perform all the activities mentioned here as a car owner or driver. But, if you are uncomfortable in performing them on your own, you can visit an auto mechanic to do these jobs efficiently.


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