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How to Get Your Body Ready for Spring Break

By Cristiana , in Beauty , at December 1, 2020

What’s one thing that acts as a beacon of light at the end of a long winter? Spring break. Chances are you’ll be more than ready for an escape, but will your body be ready? Here are some ways to make sure it is.

Smooth, Perfect and Prepare Your Skin

When your skin is hidden underneath layers of clothing all winter long, it’s easy enough to forget about it until warmer weather rolls around. If you’re headed to the beach, you won’t want to wait until then to make sure all systems are go. Wondering what you can do?

For starters, think of some of the more effective treatments available to make your skin look its best. A common complaint with beachgoers everywhere is unwanted and unsightly hair. This is where a trip to a laser hair removal spa Manhattan would come in. Not only will it leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, you can give shaving and waxing the boot.

For daily care, remember that sometimes simple is best. Take cooler and shorter showers during the winter months, applying minimally fragranced moisturizers while your skin is still damp. Gently exfoliating once or twice a week will encourage skin cell turnover without causing damage. Drinking plenty of water and running a humidifier will also help to keep your skin in great condition.

Get Your Workouts In

Making sure to exercise isn’t always just about looks. More importantly, it’s about your overall well-being. If it’s been a while since you’ve broken a sweat, don’t worry. Winter is the perfect time to start a workout routine.

By sticking to it throughout the winter, your chances of staying healthy will skyrocket. This also means that by the time vacation rolls around, you’ll be fit and confident, ready to rock your new swimsuit.

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