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How to Build a Summer Work Office Wardrobe

By Cristiana , in Fashion , at June 28, 2022

Are you based in the office this summer season? A summer work wardrobe must be at the top of the priority list. Navigating the new hybrid schedule is challenging enough without thinking about what you are going to wear. 

When you purposely fill your closet with vital pieces that could be mixed and matched, getting dressed each morning becomes simple. This guide provides summer capsule wardrobe items to build your professional wardrobe around. 

  • Shirtdress

A shirtdress is one of those important summer office work items you need for both casual and work wear. Something that’s made of summer-friendly materials like linen or cotton can work smoothly with heatwaves and air conditioning in the office.

You can stay it with slingback sandals or flats. It’s a combo that will bring you throughout summer without any concerns. 

  • White pants

Believe it or not, not all women understand that white pants can be a huge gamechanger. If you want to wear a white and black combo, white pants are certainly for you. 

Pick a pair of straight-leg jeans or culottes in white, and mix them with a basic tee or blacktop. If you like it the French way, you can pair your pants with loose blue shorts. Simply unbutton the shirt a bit, and complete everything with a handbag, black sandals, and eyewear from a full range of ic! Berlin eyewear

  • Work totes

A spacious and big work bag is vital to an office capsule wardrobe. You cannot go wrong with either a classic brown or black tote. However, having one in every color will offer you comfort and ease of mind that you’ll have a bag that goes perfectly with your outfit.  

  • Midi skirt

A Midi skirt is certainly a piece worth having in your wardrobe. It functions as a black canvas for all your clothing. Whether you choose a button-down shirt, loose blouse, and a basic top, make sure it’s made of quality materials that let your skin breathe. After all, everyone needs a printed midi skirt in their closets.

It’s also a piece that makes for a perfect summer work outfit. Make sure you choose A-line cut skirt and combine that with a loose button-down. 

You can also go for pleated or checked prints. These are ideal for workwear. Their versatility enables you to wear these pieces during all seasons. You can pair the plaid midi skirt along with a button-down shirt or loose denim blouse. You can also be bold and opt for double plaid—both blouse and skirt. 

  • Go for chic and wide

Airy fabrics and loose fits enable you to feel good in your summer work outfits. Only because it’s warm outside does not mean you must stay away from blouses and pants all the time.

As an alternative, you can go for comfortable materials and a loose fit, and you’ll enjoy your work outfits, even on hot summer days.

Furthermore, blouses and wide-leg trousers will enable your skin to breathe, and they will not relieve too much of it during your morning briefs. 

Remember that silk and loose fit are your BFFs for making the perfect somewhat more casual summer work outfit. You can pair matching pastel hues with neutral beige or white. 

Remember that summer is not the only time for repeating one work outfit all over again. You can always be creative, mix, and match, but don’t forget to consider your comfort at all times.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for work with eagerness, and wear your summer office outfits with style! 

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