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Are Hawaiian Style Shirts Actually Fashionable?

By Cristiana , in Fashion , at June 3, 2020 Tags:

There was a very long period of time in which you wouldn’t want to be caught dead with a man in a Hawaiian shirt. It was the definition of a fashion faux pas and a dead giveaway that an individual did not care about their personal appearance.

Today, times have changed. It may be hard to believe but… Hawaiian style shirts are now somewhat trendy. It’s an unexpected comeback, sure, but not an entirely unwelcome one.

Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s the way of some cool casualness, but there are many guys today really working the Hawaiian shirt look. How and why is this all happening? Read on.

Kitsch Is in

The Hawaiin shirt has been around a long time, and it was a swoon-worthy fashion choice as far back as Elvis. However, sometime around the 1980s, it became something of a fashion punch-line, becoming the go-to choice for slobs and ungentlemanly-types.

So how is it that it’s now one of the spring wardrobe essentials that every man should have in his closet?

The simple answer is that kitsch is in. Kitsch, or the art of leaning into doing something a little goofy, can have its own air of confidence. A man in a Hawaiin shirt with its bright, patterned designs can scream: I know what I’m doing here, and I’m not afraid of it.

That’s a kind of cool confidence you can’t buy, and it can make every other bro at the bar in a plain white button-down look like a coward.

Men Are Wearing It Well

Of course, we have to give the men a little credit here when it comes to bringing the Hawaiian shirt back to dominance. They are wearing it well.

The men are letting the flashy nature of the shirt take over and keeping everything else about their appearance finely tailored and trimmed. The shirt is often kept buttoned and pressed just as nicely as a formal shirt normally would be.

This helps to keep the casual appearance of the shirt from overtaking the entire vibe.

Who Doesn’t Love Vintage?

We’re in the midst of a vintage revolution. People are buying vinyl again, 80s music styles are back on the radio, and people like taking photos on physical cameras.

So is it a surprise that something as classic as the Hawaiin shirt is getting big again? We all love to look back and celebrate the past, and you know the old saying: fashion is a cycle. What was once old can now be new.

It was just a matter of time before we gave the old Hawaiin shirt another chance.

Why Hawaiin Style Shirts Are Back In Style

If you’ve been wondering why you’ve been seeing so many Hawaiin style shirts around, you’re certainly not alone. They’re everywhere! The above information should help you decipher why.

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